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Here are some of my favorites...

The Ugliest Trailer

Here is your chance to out-do your friends. Be the one who owns the ugliest trailer. I have owned this ugly trailer for many years and it has hauled many horses. But now I must pass the torch to someone else who will appreciate how ugly it is. It's not tall. So if you have anything over 14.2hands you may want to devise a different transportation plan. Once we did put a 16 hand horse in it. Not saying you should... just that it happened. It has rust on it. The hinges where the doors are (were) rusted pretty bad. My heavyset (sorry..well cared for) nephew leaned down on them when the doors were open and busted the doors off. I'm sure that a good welder can repair it. You can have the doors. The tires are bad. Well, one is. I think the other three just may be flat. The U bolt that holds the axel broke but it was replaced. Not with a factory issued part, but with a redneck version of a repair (sorry for being politically incorrect). It was used many times since this repair. The trailer does not come with the trailer mat, but the flooring is great! I may be convinced to keep the mat in the trailer, but you would probably have to be very persuasive, or perhaps really cute (if your a guy). There is a bunch of garbage in the back. That does NOT come with it no matter how cute you are. That is my garbage that I plan on selling at my next garage sale. The BEST thing about this trailer is I have all the DMV paperwork and it's ready to go to it's new owner. I think the license plate is still attached to one of the doors.....

So email me if you think that you can provide a great home to this astoundingly ugly trailer! or...if you have the time and effort to take it to a recycle because the beast is made of out steel. Email with your best offer in the form of Cash, or animal stuff (kennels, dog beds, horse tack?) Nothing that eats

Guard Goose

This posting is about "MR. DUCKY." When he was a chick, he was my favorite out of the entire flock. He was one of the few ducks that would gently nibble on my finger. He would always let me pet him and feed him spinach. Now he has become a horrible monster of a duck. His nibble has turned into a skin-tearing instrument, his feet have turned into painful, skin-piercing talons. Anything moving in the yard that is non-duck, he attacks. He attacks raccoons. He attacks dogs. He attacks cats. Now he even attacks full grown humans, galloping around the yard with clipped wings like some sort of maniac. Sandals are out of the picture now, unless I want scabs on my feet. This was semi-tolerable for a while, but now he can inflict a fair amount of pain on my calf through my work jeans, and I can't get anything done in my back yard. So this is my ad. If you want a duck that will scare/maim/fight any animal that might be threatening your flock, MR. DUCKY is the craziest damn duck I have ever seen in my entire life. He is only friendly with ducks. I don't know about chickens, but he charges crows or other birds that land in the yard. He is a great guard duck. I have a newborn son that I want to have ten fingers growing up. $40 OBO, MR.DUCKY. Upon pickup, feel free to observe his behavior. He is one-of-a-kind.
Call: 253-[deleted] I live in Bremerton, will deliver

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