Andalusian Horse History Artricles

The Purebred Spanish Horse was mentioned in the writings of Homer and Xenophon. He was the war horse of the Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and Conquistadors of Mexico. This horse's bloodlines founded the American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Cleveland Bay, Connemara and many others.

Mounted on these Spanish Andalusians, like Cid Campeador's (El Cid's) Babieca, the Christian horsemen battled against the Arabs in the Reconquest. The Conquistadors on their Spanish Horses were seen as Centaurs, so at one were they with their horses during the conquest of Mexico and Peru.

Spanish Horse Genetics Papers - FREE!

The best way to understand the breed genetics of the Pure Spanish horse is through scientific articles, many of them the result of research done at the University of Cordoba, Spain. Most of these papers are in Adobe PDF format.

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andalusian horse genetics papers 

General history of the Andalusian horse

IALHA History

This is just a sampling of some of the magazines we have in our extensive Andalusian breed library. See our Library section for a listing of resources we have on hand.


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