1996 (Issue 3) Use of the Term "Iberian" and S/Ps Seek Revision Status in 1996

The following exerpts were taken from "Andalusian Dedicated to the Spanish and Lusitano Horse" Issue 3, 1996  The Official Publication of the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA)

Table of Contents of the Magazine

IALHA Office Members in 1996

IALHA Directors in 1996

Letter from the President

The letter from the president of IALHA focused on the upcoming Equitana USA in Louisville, KY. The pavilion of Royal Horses of Spain and Portugal was to have 24 booths including booths from ANCCE with “young Pure Spanish horses” imported just for Equitana, APSL (Portuguese breeders), IALHA “for our beautiful Andalusian horses owned by American breeders”, Pure Spanish Breeders Associations of Mexico and Costa Rica, and other breeders including Lusitanos.

Scheduled Events and Announcements

Lady Sylvia Loch to be at Equitana USA
Juan Llamas Perdigo and Juan Fuente Montano to give Doma Vaquera Seminar hosted by Ruben Cardenas in Weslaco, Texas
IALHA issued an “official statement” on Pure Spanish/Pure Lusitano horses

Letters to Editor

The following are excerpts from letters to the editor.

Old Style Classes

“One of the main reasons I purchased an Andalusian was the fact that you offered a more classical approach to your shows. By having long reining classes and dressage, it really clinched my decision to buy an Andalusian … please don’t stop offering these wonderful classes.”

New Portuguese Option

“I would like to add my congratulations to Bill Killingsworth for his agreement with the Portuguese Breeders Association. This is an historic accord and brings the horses in our registry of Portuguese lineage the recognition which is their due in the world arena.”

Use of the Word “Iberian”

“Could I bring to a public forum for thought and discussion the use of the word ‘Iberian’ . . . Rightly or wrongly … our horse has been called the Andalusian. We knew from the beginning that this word was not how the Spanish spoke of their horses and it was not how the Portuguese spoke of their horses. We knew that our American tongues could not easily pronounce ‘Pura Raza Espanola’ nor ‘Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano’. The balance was to call the horse Andalusian.”

“Now there has been an introduction into our lexicon of the word ‘Iberian’… used by citing as a reference Sylvia Loch in her book … however, she doesn’t refer to our horse as simply the Iberian – she calls it the Iberian Saddle Horse … without the qualifier, ‘Saddle Horse’ there are many breeds which would fall into the ‘Iberian’ name… Garrano … Galician … Asturian …”

“… each of you refer to your horses as Andalusians, or as Spanish horses, or as Lusitanos or Portuguese horses, or as horses which trace to both the Spanish and Portuguese Stud books. Let’s not throw another name before the public before we have decided if it is an appropriate marketing tool – or more importantly, a correct way of speaking of our horse”

The Editor Responded

“The IALHA does use the term Andalusian to describe horses of Spanish, Portuguese and Spanish/Portuguese descent. In this regard, we are joined only by Brazil. All other breed associations around the world which designate the breed as Andalusian refer solely to Pure Spanish Horses (reference England, New Zealand and Australia) and do no register Portuguese or Spanish/Portuguese horses.”

The Editor went on to explain the historical use of the word “Iberian” and then contradicted itself by saying “Today in all areas of the world, the word ‘Andalusian’ refers, generally, to horses bred in Spain or, exclusively, to the horses bred in the Spanish region of Andalucia.”

Thus, “the use of the term ‘Iberian’ … has resulted from the need to use a simple term which is generally recognized as inclusive of all our horses, whether Spanish or Portuguese or a combination …”

Ranch News and Other Stuff

The Good Old Days

“Brian Griggs, the Denhams and the Meadors are to be commended on putting together a fun show weekend, the Festival of the Spanish Horse in McKinney, Texas. There was a good turnout and terrific horses. Brian also managed to put together several exhibitions. The Denhams and Meadors both have lovely ranches, incredible stock, and hosted super parties.”

Dressage News

“For the first time in history, the Spanish Dressage Team has qualified for an Olympic competition – and three of the four horses are Pure Spanish horses. Aureolo VII owned by Jesus Gil and ridden by Juan Matute, Evento owned by the Yeguada Militar of Spain and ridden by Ignacio Ramblas, and Flamenco owned by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, Spain ridden by Rafael Soto will represent Spain while thrilling Andalusian enthusiasts the world over during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Quote of the Day

“Those who are fortunate enough to be the guardians and riders of the historic Andalusian horse should understand that they not only have a moral commitment to preserve the morphological attributes of the breed but also to utilize, whenever possible, its unique temperament and movement characteristics.”

Education of the Day

The Paso Castillano is an elegant syncopated walk with the horse fully engaged in the hindquarters. The Paso Castillano is almost unknown and un practiced outside Spain. Spanish riders know when a horse is in an engaged walk by the swinging of the Spanishmosquero (the flyscreen made of horse hair which hangs from the bridle brow band).

Official Statement of the IALHA

Under the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and the Registry Rules and Regulations of the IALHA, horses of Pure Spanish origin, horses of Pure Lusitano origin and horses of Pure Spanish/Pure Lusitano origin are considered purebred Andalusians…

Regarding Revision…

Pure Spanish Horses registered with the IALHA are currently eligible for preliminary revision with the Cria Caballar (the administrators of the Spanish Stud Book) in Spain. 1996 is the third and final year of preliminary revision and horses born in or before 1996 which are not presented to the Cria Caballar this year will not be eligible for presentation in the future … Horses which have not been revised, or horses which have been revised, but rejected, are not accepted as breeding animals in any country outside of the United States and therefore are not internationally marketable as purebred breeding animals. Spanish revision is voluntary and has no effect on the registerability or recognition of Pure Spanish Horses with the IALHA.”

Pure Lusitano Horses … draft agreement with the Association of Portuguese Breeders of Pure Lusitano Horse (APSL) … Horses which have not been revised, or horses which have been revised, but rejected, are not accepted as breeding animals in any country outside of the United States and therefore are not internationally marketable as purebred breeding animals.”

Pure Spanish/Pure Lusitano Horses … The Portuguese consider the Pure Spanish Horse to be of compatible genealogy … Under Article 18 (see below) … an IALHA recorded owner may request permission to present for revision a horse of Spanish/Lusitano ancestry …”

APSL Article 18. In an exceptional case and by justified request of the owner, the Board of Directors may permit, after the Commission of Admission and the Technical Commission have been heard, animals of compatible genealogy which also satisfy the morphological and functional standards of the race … to be inscripted into the Book of Producers, and as long as there is a clear interest in the improvement of the breed …”

Note: To my knowledge, no such revision of an S/P has ever taken place in the U.S.


Navarre GF
Marsha Mc Donald fine art
Calypso 1995 US National Champion Andalusian Stallion
Hamid Hill Farms
Farewell to Europa VII
Manor Hill Farm
Casa Lusitania
The Park
April Meadow Farm
Regaton II
Gremlan Farms
TB Majestuoso
Caballos de los Cristiani
Sterling Andalusians
El Divino
Dedication Farm
Posedio XVIII
Bianco III
Mystic Meadows Andalusians
Spanish-Norman Horse
Miguel Ralao – Cahaba Valley Farms Lusitanos
Royal Farms
Meson Dna Macaria & Music City Andalusians
Basswood Lake Farm
Regan Ranch
Conway Andalusians
Rancho Escondido
Haras Salimar

Use of Advertising Words

Midnight black
Pure Spanish 
Conformation champion
National champion
Sport half-bred
Best of Spain

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