1996 (Issue 2) - Americans Seen as Non-Conformists

The following excerpts were taken from "Andalusian Dedicated to the Spanish and Lusitano Horse" Issue 2, 1996  The Official Publication of the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA)

Table of Contents of the Magazine

IALHA Office Members in 1996

IALHA Directors in 1996

Letter from the President

"Our association has nearly eight hundred members"

Scheduled Events and Announcements

Quote of the Day

"Our experience ... has shown us that the prejudices that exist with respect to Lusitano and Spanish horses on the part of riders, are mainly due to the kind of training many have received, that is, the exploitation of those traits to which they come naturally and easily; the exuberance of their movements without having been given the time to do appropriate exercises and follow a wise and progressive program that many of today's upper level dressage riders follow. The look of the 'gaudy or flashy' is what has done the greatest harm to the reputation of the wonderful 'Andalusian.'"

International Affairs

The following are excerpts from "Some Thoughts about International IALHA Affairs by Graham Kaye-Eddie"


FICCE (Federacion Internacional de Criadores del Caballo Espanol) is the International Federation of Breeders of the Spanish Horse. The founder was Tomas Batalla and in 1996, the president was Federico Jimenez Sainz of Mexico.

FICCE was formed in Costa Rica with Spain as one of its members in 1987. Other members included Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.S.


"Because of the strength of TIALHA at the time of formation, this was the chosen entity to represent the USA. The merger of AALHA with TIAHA has given representation on FICCE to IALHA.  TIAHA became a member of FICCE during the Presidency of Barbara Currie." Currie was the Secretary for the Americas and the Treasurer for FICCE.

Changes to Stud Book Ownership

"It appears that there are some changes taking place in the historic arrangement of the Spanish Cria Caballar (military) who presently administer the registration of PRE horses ... As a result of Spain entering into the European Economic Community (EEC) the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture was given by Royal Decree two years ago, the charge of the Stud Book ... It is the desire of Asociacion Nacional de Criadores del Caballo Espanol (ANCCE) one of the largest of many PRE breeders associations in Spain, that after recent application to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Stud Book fall under their control."

Note: This control of the studbook was relinquished to ANCEE in 2007, over 11 years after the writing of this article.

Numbers of Horses in IALHA

"The IALHA has a registry that contains 3,305 horses ... 2,869 Spanish horses, 88 Lusitano horses, and 358 Spanish/Lusitano horses. There have been 600 Spanish horsesparticipating in revision so far and an estimated further 650 will be in the program in 1996 ... about 100 Spanish horses not being reached [not aware of or participating in revision] ... When this voluntary program is completed by the end of 1996 the United States with Canadian breeders of PRE horses, will have conformed with the internationally accepted standards ..."

Perception of the US by Foreigners

"The merging ... has been exciting and a little arduous ... technical advances and registry changes made in the IALHA have outstripped those traditional methods required in Spain. These advances have created a perception amongst the older nations that Americans are non-conformists ... we need to be cautious about artificial insemination, frozen semen, and embryo transfer."

"Some IALHA breeders arrogantly believe and maybe rightfully so that 'the American (New Spain) breeding standards and practices will outstrip in quality, those horses found in 'Old Spain'. Some breeders in these 'new world countries' as it were, are of the opinion that 'Old Spain' is the proven genetic 'well spring' with centuries of breeding practices, producing the best quality pure blooded horses."

Celebrity Sightings

Bo Derek and Diandra Douglas, Andalusian owners, and a number of other horse enthusiasts joined J.P. Giacomini at Pat and Monty Roberts' Flag is Up Farm for a clinic ...

National Show Announcement

" ... three judge panel will be used ... American judges for the show will be the Honorables Patty Felker of California, Carol Jessup of Minnesota, and Ann Chess of California ... an International Judge from Spain has been invited to be part of the panel for all Purebred in-Hand (halter), Best Movement, Heritage Attire and Native Attire ... Doma Vaquera class.




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