1996 (Issue 1) - Andalusian Marketing and World Domination

The following excerpts were taken from "Andalusian Dedicated to the Spanish and Lusitano Horse" Issue 1, 1996  The Official Publication of the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA)

Table of Contents of the Magazine

IALHA Office Members in 1996

IALHA Directors in 1996

Letter from the President

"1996 is the first full year for our merged Association ..."

An international meeting was held in January. People attending included Batalla Esquival, Garnier Kruse, Gonzaga, Jimenez Sainz, Guiterrez, Sierra Latitano, and Killingsworth ... following draft mission statement was written ...

"The World Council of the Spanish and Lusitano Horse ... to protect and promote the Spanish and Lusitano horse breeds throughout the world ... establish a world registry ... apply universally accepted  breed standards ..."

Note: I'm not sure what became of this "world council"; perhaps he is speaking of FICCE?

IALHA went online in 1996.

The Good Old Days

"We would like to thank the Show Committee for all the work they put into the 1995 Nationals. It was good to see more horses participating in the classes. The Extravaganza, although a little long, was well done ... The 'Circle of Life' was beautiful. Our thanks to the Denham Ranch for providing the mares and foals for this spectacular exhibit."

Quote of the Day

"Breeders of Spanish horses all over the world take pride in accomplishments of these noble horses. In Spain, itself, El Caballo's editorial 'Atlanta 96 or the Functionality of the Spanish Horse' reminds us that many breeders and riders have given years of their lives proclaiming the functional possibilities of the Spanish horse. Specially mentioned are Joaquin Rivero (deceased) and Rosin Fradera, who during SICAB '92 predicted, in the face of insults and joking comments from detractors, that the Spanish Team would compete in the '96 Olympics. Fradera was correct; the editorial goes on to reflect on the challenge this presents to breeders of the PRE - the necessity of adapting breeding methods to the reality of great economic expectations facing the European equine market. 'It is certain that we face an historic opportunity'."

Step Back in Time

The AAOPH (Andalusian Alliance of Professional Horsemen) took out a full page black and white advertisement that said "formulated for the benefit and promotion of the Andalusian horse." Members were listed as Ray Ariss, Pamela Beer, Steve Bell, Tammy Bowles, Cynthia Burkman, Sue Burkman, Jessica Gaytan, Bruce Howard, Dennis Johnson, Aubrey Larker, Warren Mather, Dian Morris, RG "Mo" Morris, Gareth Selwood, and Keith Wakefield. The 1996 president was Gareth Selwood and Secretary was Nancy Nathanson. The add featured the profile of an Andalusian horse with a dished face, pricked ears, and "shiny" clipped muzzle.

Marketing Ideas??? or BS

The following ideas and thoughts were published in "Marketing the Iberian horse: A Plan of Action for IALHA Members".

The author claimed that although the market has never been better, the mother countriesare "slow, confusing, 'colonial' in nature, and somewhat competitive."  He points to the merger of AALHA and the IALHA as "the 'fait accompli'" ... and that it "demonstrates that members of the now IALHA are capable of putting what's best for our horse first." Okay...

He claims that other breeds "like the Quarter Horse, the Arabian and the Warmbloods" are our "real competition." Hmmm.

"Today, Hollywood is the new aristocracy and we need to associate our horses as much as possible with the 'beautiful people'. A great effort must be made to obtain the active patronage of numerous famous people and capitalize on that glamour ..." sure, that's it!

He encourages us to develop the "idea of the Iberian as a 'Genetic Improver'". Sure, let's dilute and pollute! ... " And promote the wonderful half breds for what they are ..." A potential source of income for Lusitano horse owners because you convince them they need to own a half-bred sired by one of your stallions. Did I say that?

"Educate, educate, then educate some more ... The Association should encourage all members and professional trainers to learn some classical dressage." That will be the day.

"The fact remains that we still need them [Spanish and Portuguese judges] as dedicated, reliable experts to come here year after year and help us judge our championships. We can help the education of our U.S. judges by giving them the opportunity to shadow judge with qualified Spanish and Portuguese judges." Just after we teach them Spanish and Portuguese languages and convince them that the mother countries know better.

The author suggests we should add "classical dressage" and "gymkhana" competitions and allow classes to be open to all breeds. Ok, sure thing! At the same time, the "competition must offer an international frame of reference." We're going off the deep end here!

And finally, "Today, the U.S. is the only country left in the world that permits the breeding of PRE with PSL and recognizes the product as equal to their parents as a birthright."  We should "organize immediately a serious independent educational evaluation process to insure quality and adherence to the breed standard." Because, why? Because "For owners of Portuguese or Spanish/Portuguese horses, no revision option currently exists. It is time that the IALHA undertakes its own evaluation process." And ... "eventually this made in USA label, because of its technical quality and apolitical status, will become the unarguable status symbol of the prestige for Iberian horses."

Thankfully, that symbol has not yet arisen and firmly remains in the hands of owners of revised PSL horses and revised PRE horses.

The author concludes that the IALHA should create a Pan-American registry and later a World Registry. World domination! Now that sounds cool! 

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