1995 - TIAHA and AALHA Merger History – Voice of the TIAHA President

The Merger

Quotes taken from the March/April 1995 issue of Andalusian.

The Andalusian registry was divided prior to 1995/1996. I have collected many old 1980s and 1990s Andalusian magazines in an effort to de-ravel the mystery of Andalusian horse registry matters in the U.S.

In March 1995, eight “very serious” members of TIAHA and eight “very serious” members of AALHA plus an alternate gathered to discuss the merger.

As then TIAHA president Bill Killingsworth noted, “Surprisingly, the perceived differenced all turned out to be figments of our collective imaginations. Not so long ago, this might not have been true, but over the last two or three years, the AALHA and TIAHA have come closer and closer in philosophy and actions [they had worn down and won a battle with the PRE purists, in other words. This battle was to be reignited when the FOUNDATION was founded in 1998. The merger only lasted less than three years in reality before PRE purists regained ground]. It took very little time for the negotiating teams to realize how very close we actually are. Now we find ourselves on the threshold of a future envisioned on a single Association and Registry focused solely on the preservation and appropriate promotion of our unique horses – a future uncluttered with counterproductive rivalry between two organizations with identical goals.”

Ha ha. No rivalry, sure bet.

Thus, the modern legacy (and confusion) of the Spanish-Portuguese crossbred horse (yes, it is a crossbred) was solidified in 1995/1996. Why is this, you ask?

Was it a coincidence or destiny that the president of IALHA during and after the merger was an S/P breeder?

As Bill Killingsworth pointed out, “One of the major points of the merger discussions revolved around the appropriate naming of our horse.” Notice he calls it “our” horse, not Spain’s or Portugal’s. “Fortuitously, Barbara Currie had already written a helpful article … ‘What’s in a Name’ … If I can speak personally for a minute, the issue of naming is important to Judy and me because we have embarked on a breeding program which produces Spanish, Portuguese, and Spanish/Portuguese cross foals, the ‘S/P’ that Barbara talks about.” He goes on to justify breeding these SP crosses by saying, “our S/P foals are in, our experience, as spectacular as any foals we have seen.”

Bill referred to the historical division of Spanish vs. Portuguese in the following way: “It should be noted that not long ago the Spanish and Portuguese regularly bought and sold breeding stock to each other. The fact that they do not do so now, is, in my opinion, not in the best interest of the Andalusian horse . . . Let us in the US show leadership in this matter and join ranks in an effort to preserve and promote the entire gene pool and the entire population of purebred Andalusian horses, whether those horses are of Spanish descent, of Portuguese descent, or a wonderful combination of both.”

This “US leadership” is a single small S/P flag waving in the wind. All forlorn and alone in the world. The US is a leader, for certain. No other country follows our insistence to defy the mother countries. There was even an initiative to allow S/Ps bred in the U.S. to be accepted by Portugal. This was a carrot dangled before S/Ps breeders. However, the allowance of S/P crosses into PSL books was never allowed.

Today (regardless of amount of Portuguese or Andalusian blood) the S/Ps remain a “purebred” Andalusian only under the umbrella of the IALHA and Press are strongly marketed by the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse who is now the first entity in the world recognized by the new managers of the Spanish Stud Book (ANCCE). 

Content of the Magazine


AALHA and TIAHA Propose Merger Proxy Mailed March 27

The Boards of Directors of AALHA and TIAHA authorized their respective merger committees to meet in Los Angeles March 4 to 5 at the Westwood Marqueis Hotel for the purpose of negotiating a merger agreement.

Trish Lorimor headed the AALHA team made up of Ron Lorimor, Janna Baumaster-Gaber, Nancy Lindquist, Laurie Wachter, Helene Clifford, Katana Dembicki-Rubenstein, J.P. Giacomini and Pat Schwarz.

Bill Killingsworth headed the TIAHA team composed of Donna Hecht, Mike Connelly, Karen Jenkins, Bill Goff, George Rosenthal, Barbara Currie, and Judy Thompson.

TIAHA Approves Andalusian Breed Class at Dressage at Devon Breed Show

"For the first time ever, the Andalusian breed will be represented at the Dressage at Devon Breed Show in an in-hand class sponsored by TIAHA ..."


""We are fortunate to have the expertise and talent of Mr. Don Woods, a well-known and respected promoter and producer of Equestrian Entertainment Events ... will be working in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area months in advance to secure television, newspaper, and radio sponsorship ... This year tickets will be sold to the public for admission."


"I am writing in response to an item in the last minutes from the Board of Directors. There seems to be a movement to 'protect' the US market from imported horses ... apparently because US breeders feel like they cannot sell their horses ... It would be extremely foolish ... the gene pool in this country for both Spanish and Lusitano horses is very small. The only way breeders can continue to improve their breeding programs ... is to find the best horses possible to breed ... Remember, breeding is a long term commitment and that good quality horses always sell at a fair price."

Quote of the Day

From "What's in a Name ... or An Andalusian by any Other Name ..." by Barbara Currie.

"How was it, then, knowing the history of horses, that we came to call the horse Andalusian? Naiveté, perhaps. And perhaps because it was easier to say Pura Raza Espanola. The first horses brought into the USA were from Spain, and few people in the USA at that time knew of the countries of Spain and Portugal, much less their wealth of equine talent which we were about to inherit. The first horses from Portugal did not come until some years later ..."

The Good Old Days

Denham Ranch had a full page black-and-white advertisement  with a photo of two horses pulling a carriage titled "Nevado & Paraquayo - sired by Granadino XI (1st place Championship dressage 1991, Spain) " ... "Over 50 horses" ... "Dark Bays & Greys" ... "Specializing in Horses Imported from Spain".

(Denham Ranch used to have the largest herd in Texas; this is where I acquired my first two broodmares).

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