1995 (July/August) Newly Merged and Nationals Don't Require Qualification

The following excerpts were taken from "Andalusian Dedicated to the Spanish and Lusitano Horse" July/August 1995 The Official Publication of the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA)

Table of Contents of the Magazine
IALHA Office Members in 1995
Letter from the Co-Presidents

(Trish Lorimor and Bill Killingsworth)

“We have just completed the first Board of Directors meeting of the new mergedassociation … took one very important action to ease the qualification requirement for this years National Show … For the 1995 National Championships, qualification in a performance division requires only that a horse is shown and judged in a championship class in the division to be entered at the National Show. Qualification does not require placing in the class. In a halter division, a horse must only have been shown and judged in the appropriate age class.”

“Qualifying for the 1995 Nationals is now easy and fun! You do not need to win at your local show in order to come.”


Andaluces del Santo Jorge

Bravio – Summer Ranch Andalusians

Hamid Hill Farm Andalusians and Embajador XI

Dedication Farm

Cahaba Valley Andalusians and Irreal

Dacio-S and Imperioso of Oak Hill

Manor Hill Farm and Navarre GF

Rancho del Paraiso and Cordero

Caballos de los Cristiani

The Rainbow of La Tierra Grande

Rancho Escondido and Imaginario, Remate and Orquidea K

Dacio-S and Zarina of Oak Hill

Guarapo of Gremlan Farms

La Tienda Espanola

Gitanillo and Proudfoot Farms

Manor Hill Farm

Music City Andalusians with Trainer Gareth Selwood

Trophaeum Mundi Int’L

Interesting Adds Seen

Santiago for $7500 as a son of Cordero offered for sale (photo of a black foal and his dam).

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