1996 (Issue 5) - Evento Rules at the Olympics

The following excerpts were taken from "Andalusian Dedicated to the Spanish and Lusitano Horse" Issue 5, 1996 "1996 IALHA National Show Program Issue" The Official Publication of the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA)

Table of Contents of the Magazine

Letter from the President

"In July, Judi and I were fortunate to be able to go to nearly all sessions of the Equestrian Olympics. We saw Evento, the Pure Spanish Horse, compete in all three of his tests. He was a very, very steady and correct competitor with great crowd appeal. His scores always placed him in the top fifteen which was an exclusive grouping. We felt his scores were fair and did not reflect any negative bias against the Iberian horse. This was a very positive Olympics for the Andalusian."

" ... We now have over 870 members ... this issue of the magazine is the largest ever ... this will be our largest national show ever ..."

National Show Schedule

Letters to Editor

The following are excerpts from letters to the editor.

Title of the Organization

"I was very excited when I heard of the merging ... until I read the new title of the Association ... and I got thinking, why Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association - why splitting again ... would have made the situation much more merged if it would say the Iberian Horse Association of America. Andalusian and Lusitano should only be mentioned in the pedigree with S or L because the horses are the same, with only slight differences ... "

Iberian? or Lusitano

" ... in response to your request for opinions on Barbara Currie's letter concerning the use of 'Iberian Horse' ... since there is already considerable confusion ... I think the term Iberian Horse or any other term should be limited primarily to within the Association ... "

" ... we have an official statement from the IALHA but we still need a term that encompasses both the Spanish Andalusian and the Lusitano and I think 'Andalusian' should still be that term since it now is identifiable with the public, and it is the name of our magazine ..."


Carpe Diem farm

Bravio, Sommer Ranch Andalusians

SICAB tour

Garrison Ranch Andalusians

Aubrey Larker training

Hamid Hill Farm, Embajador XI

Danza del Sol Andalusians, Infante T

ECV Ranch, Prestigio

Cortijo Santa Maria de los Alamares Lusitano Horses

Skelton Mountain Ranch

Dragonwood Farms, Don Marco

Rancho del Paraiso, Caroyn Ramos

The Park

Jibara TG, Herradura Andalusians

Centenario, La Estancia

Maluso - Vaughan Smith, Lanys Kaye-Eddie, Barbara Currie

Malaguena, Altanero XXVIII, Oak Hill

Gremlan Farms, Guarapo

Hacienda Santa Rosa, Alegre XXX, Costa Rica

Royal Oak Carriages

Gudrun & Peter Fiedl, Spain

Andalusians de la Parra

Casa Lusitania

Miguel Ralao, Irreal, Cahaba Valley Farm "Importers and breeders of Lusitano and Lusitano/Spanish horses for Sport"

Olivia Dragoo, Cortijo del Mar

Jdon farms

Rancho la Plateada, Hostal

Calypso, Tropel, the Park

Meson dna Macaria & Music City Andalusians

Navarre GF and Manor Hill Farm

Brazilian Breeders - 14 page color layout

Spanish Oaks Andalusians

El Canto Lusitanos

Teodoro, Mariah Andalusians

tribute to American

Sommer Ranch Andalusians

Sol, Royal Sport horse ranch

Lar Haven Andalusians

Hebrera, Caballo de mis Suenos

Cameo, Sterling Andalusians

Conway Andalusians

Spanish-Norman Horse Registry

Basswood Lake Farm

Carpe Diem Lusitanos

Selwood Park Stable

IALHA Office Members in 1996

IALHA Directors in 1996

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