1984 - Comparison of American to Spanish-Bred Horses, Talk of Merger

This is a summary of an 1984 International Andalusian Horse Association (IAHA) Magazine.

Cover: photos supplied by member Bo Derek. They were shot in Spain for her “upcoming” movie Bolero.

American vs. Spanish Breeding

A article featured Don Pedro Salas Garau from Mallorca, Spain. The following is a quote from the article.

“When asked to compare the American and Spanish Andalusian horses, Don Pedro said, ‘In the United States, buyers prefer the longer, thinner necks and less strong (less stocky) body. In Spain, they prefer stronger-bodied animals with straight action and a bit of paddling, which is flashy for carriages. U.S. breeders prefer the action of our horses because it gives the horse more versatility for various performance classes.’”

The article goes on to say. “Some of the U.S. thinking seems to have worked its way back to Spain, because at the last judge’s seminar in Spain, they set as a goal to work toward longer bodies, longer necks, straighter heads.”

Also, Pedro suggested, “some effort be made to have a seminar here in the United States inviting an English speaking Spanish breeder who is also a judge in Spain to participate.”

Also, he would like to see the “tattoo system of identification well underway – expanded. Expanded to have verification by a member of the Association similar to verification required in Spain. In Spain, an inspector from the government, Lt Col of the Cavalry, and the official veterinarian from the Military Stud come to verify tattooing... ‘Purity has both an aesthetic and a monetary value and is to be protected.’”

An article was translated from Revista Del Caballo – History of the Horse in Andalucia. The horse is referred to as “Spanish horse” in the article.

Magazine Personnel

Editor: Barbara Currie
Associate Editor: Gary Lashinsky
President: M. Jordan Zimmerman
Vice President: Malcolm McDuffie
Secretary: Diane Zimmerman
Executive Committee: Barbara Currie, Ira Dack, Greg Garrison, Lanys Kaye-Eddie, Gary Lashinsky, and Barbara Parkening.

News and Tidbits

Show News

Trophies available in 1984 included Year End High Point (YEHP) western horse, YEHP English horse, and Year End All Around High Point horse (the Greg Garrison perpetual trophy). To qualify for a National Halter Championship, the horse must have had two championships, or two reserves, or one championship and one reserve during the previous show year.

Official Shows counting towards awards given in 1984:

Show Winners
The 29th Annual Channel City Show in Santa Barbara California April 13-15, 1984 had 33 Andalusians participating. It was judged by Martin Cockriel of Parker, Colorado. A luncheon party was hosted by Pedro and Marieta Salas of La Lomita Ranch and by Dr. Ira and Andy Dack.


Colts 2 & Under – Danzario (out of 3)
Stallions 3 & 4 years – Karo T (out of 4)
Senior stallion – Leopardo II (out of 6)
Fillies 2 & under – Riqueza (out of 4)
Mares 3 & 4 years – Patricia S (out of 4)
Mares 5 & over – no entries
Western Equitation – Leopardo III with Peggy Hanes riding (out of 5)
English Pleasure Saddle Seat – Bizarro IX (out of 7)
English Equitation – Dacio S (out of 5)
Andalusian Pleasure Driving – Luceno IV (out of 3)
Junior Horse Western Pleasure – Maravilla (out of 4)
English Pleasure Hunt Seat – Dacio S (out of 8)
Western Pleasure – Leopardo III (out of 7)
Authentic Spanish Costume Class – Dacio S (out of 10)
Junior Horse English – Ricarda (out of 4)

Horses which attended included: 
Horse - Owner
Arrogante - Dack
Bizarro IX -  Houston Enterprises
Bizarro X  -  Dack
Castiblanco III  -   Garrison
Dacio S - Currie
Danzario - Westmoreland
Devota T - Carsello
Elegancia T - Sugimura
Emperador - Dack
Ganador X - Hoffman
Gemela IV - McDuffle
Jaro T - La Lomita
Karo T - Currie
Leopardo II - Garrison
Leopardo III - Westmoreland
Lisonjerio III - Denham
Luceno IV - Garrison
Maravilla - Parkening
Mercedes IV - Dack
Mercedes VII - Dack
Palais III - Garrison
Patricia S - La Lomita
Primoroso IV - Dack
Ricarda R. E. - Garrison
Riqueza - Warwick
Salerosa - Frank
Zeolito - Garrison

Other shows held:  Del Mar National Specialty October 27-28. Show committee members included Sue Burkman, Barbara Currie, Ira Dack, Pat Garrison, and Arnold Houser.


Apparently, talk was underway for inclusion into the American Horse Shows Association (AHSA). To qualify, the IAHA would have to submit standards jointly with the American Andalusian Horse Association (AAHA).

Horse news

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