The Beginning of the Spanish-Portuguese(SP) Horse in America

Here is a quick glance at how the lines got started ...

A pure Spanish stallion named Adalid (S) was brought to Mexico in the 1970s and was crossed with some Portuguese mares; thus creating the Mexican Adalid line (Adalid International). Later the Portuguese stallion Sagres was introduced to Texas and was crossed back on these Mexican "A" lines. (For example, Despierto [Selwood Park Stable] was created by crossing the Mexican Adalid stallion with the Texas stallionSagres.) A further product of the original Adalid line was Serranito. 

At one time a stallion named Ebano (owned by Tita Grey in Mexico) was thought to be pure Spanish. But as it turns out, he was a son of Serranito (SP). Thus, all of Ebano's offspring had to be removed the Spanish stud books. These exiled horses became a pool of SPs still being bred today. Finally, a Portuguese mare was imported to theParra's farm in Texas and was bred to their Spanish stallions, thus resulting in the Parra line of SPs.

Adalid (S)

Although he was not Spanish/Portuguese (SP), Adalid, (Spanish [S]), was known for producing a long line of SP horses originating in Mexico. Adalid was a 1969 pure Spanish stallion bred by Miguel Angel de Cardenas Osuna (MAC). His sire was military (Maluso) and his dam was from MAC. He was the 1972 Champion of Spain at the Feria del Campo in Madrid. After winning the championship, this Andalusian stallion was imported to Mexico where he was bred to Dr. Alvaro Lebrija’s own national champion Lusitano mares to produce “SPs”.

The Adalid line of SP daughters includes:

Dichosa A (SP) - Adalid (S) x Deseada XVII 
Filigrana II (SP) - Adalid (S) x Loendreira (P) 
Laura (SP) - Adalid (S) x Loendreira (P) 
Loendreria I (SP) - Adalid (S) x Loendreria (P) 
Orgullosa (SP) - Adalid (S) x Gripo (P) (Predelicto x Zibelina) 
Quitapena A (SP) – Adalid (S) x Helcose (P)
Zalemita A (SP) - Adalid (S) x Helcose (P)
The Adalid line of SP sons includes: 
Caudillo (SP) – Adalid (SP) x Distinguida IX (P) 
Serranito (SP) - Adalid (SP) x Helcose (P) (Campeador x Quilograma) 
Troyano A (SP) – Adalid (SP) x Loendreira (P)

Descendents of Adalid include:

Acertijo A (SP) – Rebelde x Laura (SP) 
Airosa A (SP) – Rebelde x Loendreira I (SP) 
Ciclon de Plata (SP) – Gozo de Plata (S) x Zalemita A (SP) 
Ebano VI (SP) – Serranito (SP) x Estudianta XIV (S) 
Electra TG (SP) – Serranito (SP) x Estudianta XIV (S) 
Ermelinda (SP) – Apollo II (S) x Esfera (SP) 
Esfera (SP) – Serranito (SP) x Ferianta III (S) 
Granada A (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Loendreira I (SP) 
Hermosa Real (SP) – Helico T x Electra TG (SP) 
Indultada A (SP) – Quitapena A (SP) x Loendreira (P) 
Jarana A (SP) – Acertijo (SP) x Orgullosa (SP) 
Juncal A (SP) – Mandarin II (SP) x Granadina A (SP) 
Luar A (SP) – Dichoso A (SP) x Zalemita A (SP) 
Lucena TG (SP) – Serranito (SP) x Columbina 
Macarena A (SP) – Mandarin II (SP) x Indultada A (SP) 
Mandarin II (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Mesonera A (SP) 
Matador (SP) – Ebano VI (SP) x Tolendana 
Mentirosa A (SP) – Acertija A (SP) x Aldeana A 
Milagro A (SP) – Mandarin II (SP) x Mentirosa A (SP) 
Peineta (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Airosa A (SP) 
Royal K Bandita (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Dantesca (SP) 
Sabincrest Briosa (SP) – Bonaro (S) x Royal K Bandita (SP) 
Saphira BR (SP) – Saphiro (P) x Lucena TG (SP) 
Sarafina de Apollo II (SP) – De Apollo BR (S) x Lucena TG (SP) 
Serranita (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Dantesca (SP) 
Suzanna RB (SP) – Jugueton CV (S) x Peineta (SP) 
Zafiro II (SP) – Caudillo (SP) x Mesonera A (SP)
Despierto (SP)


One of Adalid’s daughters, Loendreira I (SP) was bred to Sagres (P) and produced Despierto (SP). 

Despierto is known for being the "leading sire" of SPs. Despierto’s granddam, Loendreria, was by the Portuguese stallion Emir (P) who was bred by Manuel Vega and was a half brother to Opus and Novilheiro out of Seara (P).

Sagres (P)

Sagres, Hiparco (Prodigio x Biografia) x Nozelha (Unico x Faneca), was imported from Portugal to Texas. He was bred to many Adalid SP mares as well as some Spanish mares to produce more SPs.

SP sons of Sagres (Hiparco x Nozelha) include:

Despierto (SP) – Sagres (P) x Loendreira I [SP] by Emir), 
Dichoso A (SP) - Sagres (P) x Encendida
El Altivo (SP) - Sagres (P) x Jarana A (SP)
Gitano A (SP) - Sagres (P) x Orgullosa (SP)

SP daughters of Sagres include:

Dantesca (SP) - Sagres (P) x Aldeana (SP)
Granadina A (SP) - Sagres (P) x Filigrana II (SP)
Mesonera A (SP) - Sagres (P) x Laura (SP)
Sacmantina (SP) – Sagres (P) x Jarana A (SP)

Descendents of Sagres include:

Bonita II (SP) – Sagres (P) x Laura (SP)
Calandria A (SP) – Mandarin II (SP) x Sortija A (SP)
Centello H (SP) – Ascension (S) x Hermosa D (SP)
Dehesa (SP) – Serranito (SP) x Zebeca (S)
Desperado C (SP) – Despierto (SP) x Amelia
Excaliber A (SP) – Manderin II (SP) x Granadina A (SP)
Gitano Brillo (SP) – Gitano A (SP) x Euforia (S)
Hermosa D (SP) – Despierto (SP) x Briosa D (S)
Jaquelina (SP) – Jaque (P) x Bonita II (SP)
Mateo R (SP) – Saphiro (P) x Querida Tierna R (SP)
Querida Tierna R (SP) – El Altivo (SP) x RD Chica (S)
Sortija A (SP) – Osada A x Dantesca (SP)
Zanzibar H (SP) – Gitano MOR (S) x Dehesa (SP)

Serranito and Ebano VI

Serranito (SP) was born in Mexico on the farm of Dr. Alvaro Lebrija (Adalid International). He was the product of Adalid (S) and an imported Lusitano mare, Helcose (P), from Francisco Ribeiro. Serranito (SP) was bred to Serpentina III (S) who was imported from Spain. He was also bred to Estudiante XIV (S), the dam of Ebano VI (SP) and Electra TG. Bred to Zebeca (P), he produced Dehesa (SP) and bred to Ferianta III (S) he produced Esfera (SP). Ebano VI was found to out to be SP after he had already been bred to many Pure Spanish mares. The offspring of all these mares had to have their papers removed from the Spanish studbook and IALHA forbid Tita Grey from selling horses directly within the U.S. Some of her horses were taken into the U.S. by other breeders to sell, however.

The Parra SP Horses (de la Parra) and the Bullfighting Mare

The bullfighting mare Palais II/Calhandra (P) sired by Laponio (P) out of Lanca was imported and bred to Temerario V (S) producing the SP mare Gitana de la Parra. Other offspring of Palais II/Calhandra include Lanca II (SP) by Legionario III (S), Primoroso II (SP) by Majorio (S), Lanca VI (SP) by Temerario V (S), Gitana de la Parra (SP) by Temerario V (S), Lanca III (SP) and Lanca (SP) by Capitano.

The Parras continued Gitana’s SP lines by breeding her to Dejado (S) to produce Danzarina de la Parra (SP )and breeding Danzarina de la Parra (SP) to Altivo de la Parra (S) to produce Jimena de la Parra (SP).

Thus, the SP line in American primarily consists of descendents of Adalid (Adalid International), Sagres, Ebano VI, Despierto, and the Parra horses. SP horses are marketed as "purebred" Andalusians but can never be marketed as "pure Spanish" due to their modern Lusitano/Portuguese heritage. 

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