All Breed Awards in Dressage (USDF 2005)

by Donna DeYoung


In the United States Dressage Federation, your horse can compete for year-end awards. The Andalusian has two areas in which he can compete – either for the IALHA as an “Andalusian” or as a “PRE”. Each of these organizations represent a “breed”. A horse must declare themselves as only one “breed”. For example, if you owned a horse that was double-registered as both an American Warmblood and as a Hanoverian, you would have to declare your horse as one or the other on the show papers when showing. And only would win awards as one breed or the other, not both.

The International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association IALHA is the main registry in the United States for Andalusians (PREs), Lusitanos, and crosses between the two. A horse does not have to be inspected to be registered with IALHA.

The 2005 results for both the IALHA and Foundation horses can be found on the USDF website.

Awards for the Foundation

To sum up, there were horses represented all all levels training through FEI, but not Grand Prix or Intermediare. 3 or fewer horses declared for awards in each division. Horses with scores of 64 to 67 were awarded medals in Open Fourth Level. See Table 1 for more results.

Awards for IALHA

To sum up, training level through second level had high numbers of horses competing in the open competition. Scores of 61 and up were winning scores. All levels of horses were represented in training level through Intermediare I. 

The median of high scores from both the Foundation and the IALHA horses was 65.

For a comparison, I looked at the results for horses that were declared Hanoverians. There were, of course, many more horses competing and more competitions represented. Although many scores were in the 70s, the median score was 68 (still 3 points higher than the Andalusian scores).

Year End Awards

In addition to the All Breed awards, USDF hands out Year-End Awards. Here are the top scores/riders/horses in each division.

Adult Amateur Award – training thru fourth level.
Training – Ruschkoi (Trakehner), 75, Nancy Szacacs
First – Royal Dream (Hanoverian), 72, Holly Hains
Second – Titan (Friesian), 71, Bre Dorsett
Third – Bocelli (Hanoverian), 71, Kathy Pavlich
Fourth – Reve D’Armore(not on file), 65, Kimberly Noon

Adult Amateur Award – FEI
Prix St. George - Ricardo (breed not on file), 67, Amy Roberts Ebeling
Intermediare I – Diamater (Danish warmblood), 66, Tami Hoag
Intermediare II – Mirage (Dutch warmblood), 65, Janice Carrasco
Grand Prix – Le Mans (not on file) 65, Katy Barglow

Dover National Merit Winners
Bre Dorsett – average score 71

Dressage Horse of the Year
Training – Ruschkoi (Trakehner), 75,
First – WBR Hannibal (Friesian), 76
Second – Ravenelli’s Wizard (Dutch Warmblood) 72
Third – Rondo (Westfalen) 72
Fourth – Eskada (Dutch Warmblood) 72
Prix St Georges – Marlando (not on file), 71
Intermediaire I – Mister (Dutch Warmblood) 72
Intermediaire II – Raphael (Oldenburg) 72
Grand Prix – Kingston (Dutch Warmblood) 72

(Sporthorse in hand)
Weanling colt or gelding – Daggar (Hanoverian) 80
Weanling filly – Devra (Hanoverian) 79
Yearling colt or gelding – Waterford SF (Hanoverian) 80
Yearling filly – Utmost ( Holsteiner) 81
2 yr old colt or gelding – Wamorkus (Dutch Warmblood ) 87
2 yr old filly – Coco Chanel SF (Hanoverian) 81
3 yr old colt or gelding – Raison de Joie (American Warmblood) 85
3 yr old filly – Valeska (not on file) 83
mature horse bred mare – Tashka (Oldenburg) 80
mature horse stallion – Donatus (Oldenburg) 81
mature horse yeld/maiden mare – Florian (Westfalen) 81

Materiale HOY
(under saddle, rail class)
3 yr old colt or gelding – Venturo (Dutch Warmblood) 79
3 yr old filly – Hallelujah (Oldenburg) 79
4&5 Yr Old Mare – Hochkarat (Hanoverian) 80
4&5 Yr old Stallion – Rapture R (Hanoverian) 82

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