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A purebred Spanish horse (Andalusian) comes in several colors. Most of them grey, there are also some bays (brown body with black points on the legs, black mane, and black tail). A very few chestunts are in the books (used to not be allowed). And the dilute colors are becoming more popular.

One of the dominant characteristics of the Spanish horse is his dapple-grey coat. This is one of a few breeds of horses that are born different shades of dark colors and in time turn white (except for bays).

The main reason there are so many grey Spanish horses is that the gene for grey is dominant. Another factor is more significant historically. According one author, since the modern breed originated in the sixteenth century it was influenced by science which at the time was based on Classical Greek thought. This thought process followed the doctrine of humours all creatures were believed to be composed of the four elements of water, fire, air and earth.

In each animal, one element was believed to be predominant and the corresponding qualities would determine the physical form and temperament. Water corresponded with good harvests and thus a “watered down color of grey would determine that the animal would be generous and noble ideal for a king. Fire, or a red color, conferred that the animal would be too irascible and this color was rejected.

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