Is YouTube Hurting the Andalusian Horse Breed?

by Donna DeYoung, breeder of Pure Spanish Andalusian Horses for sale

I did a search for Andalusian Horse for Sale on YouTtube one day to browse the competition. Gee. I was in for a surprise. Within minutes, I began to wonder if YouTube was hurting the Andalusian breed!

Take for example an introduction which tells you the horse is a high-school trained stallion for sale for over 30 grand. The first picture shows a thick-necked regular horse with a shabby mane. I’m not impressed.

Or how about the Andalusian for sale that appears to be no larger than a Welsh pony?

There is a “stunning” Andalusian for sale that is as thin as a 2-by-4 with a notch in his neck and a weak, trailing hindquarter.

How about the one that goes around and around and around in a mechanical, over-bent trot? THAT looks like fun.

So what did these people do wrong?

Let’s talk about some of the common mistakes that people make when putting a horse video out there…

Bad Lighting

Dark arena and even darker horse. Can’t see him, must be a great horse!

Wrong Type of Riding

Western trainer with tie-down on a horse supposedly bred for dressage? (hint, western gear on an Andalusian is NOT a selling point)

Don’t use a rider whose legs hang down to the horse’s knees. Don’t you know anybody shorter?

No Thrill

Zing zang boom. A video starts out well with lovely, nicely turned out Andalusian gelding walking quietly around the arena. He stays quiet at the trot and canter. He is round and chubby but obviously as quiet as a quarter horse. My only question, must I REALLY pay $20,000 for THAT? I thought that was normal for a horse? What about his parents, what about something he does that’s special? Please show it!

Bad Riders and Bad Training

And finally, if you’re not a dressage rider and your $20,000 horse is not that well-trained, don’t try to act as if it is! Get professional help!

How to Find Good Examples

Okay, I won’t end on a sour note. If you want to see some decent videos of decent horses, here’s a tip. Search for “pura raza espanola” and you’ll be opened up to a whole new world!

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