Testing an Andalusian Yearling's Temperament

Andalusians by nature are willing, quick to learn, and forgiving. Yet how do you explain to someone over the phone that your Andalusian yearling has a fantastic temperament if you haven’t really done anything with her yet?

That was my dilemna. I had some buyers interested in Jandira but all I had posted was some conformation and movement video. So I had to come up with more.

Jandira was born in October 2009 in my backyard, was imprinted, and then went out into the pasture with her dam. Every now and then while working with her dam, I would work with Jandira and taught her to be haltered and how to lead. Then she’d go back out in the pasture. She learned to load in the trailer by example. But that was about all I knew that she knew!

So when the question was asked, what is she like, really? I made this little video.

I caught Jandira out in the pasture, led her away from the other horses, and put her in a stall. From there we began to play. This video shows her being saddled for the first time (demonstration only, not for real riding purposes of course!) and learning how to bow.

Jandira was such a fast learner and she calmed down very quickly during the training process. Just goes to show how great this breed is!

Hope you enjoy the video. Do you have a similar video showing a young Andalusian horse being worked with for the first time? please share.


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