Andalusian Horse Breeder Secrets

Can you be Andalusian-Persuaded?

picture of herd of andalusian horsesWhat's an Andalusian persuasion? Its when you show up and are so awed, google-eyed, impressed, and near fainting at the beauty of the animals that you let all your sensibilities and research go to waste.

Like they say, never never never buy the first horse you see!!! Can I say any more?

Are you seeing the whole barn full of Andalusians?

Or just the ones the breeder wants you to see? The breeder could put the cull horse (the one the breeder wants to sell) next to similar looking stock. And never show you their really good stuff. That way, you go home satisfied (at least that day) that you got the "prettiest" one in the barn. Dissatisfaction will only come up later when you go to the breed show or a bigger breeder's barn who is kind enough to show you their good stuff. Then you realize how bad you got took. I hope this doesn't happen to you.

Are you seeing the mom?

Or is she sneakily hidden away? The breeder brings out the baby for you to look at. She's so sweet! Adorable! You really like her. Where's the mom? Oh, she's out in that pasture. The breeder points to a herd and you can't tell one from the other. Never mind, you say, its too much trouble to walk out there and see the mom. Can you say disaster?

picture of andalusian horse

Is it drugged?

It can happen folks. But hopefully its not too rampant in this business since most Andalusians are naturally calm and don't need to be calmed down to sell.

Is the Andalusian clipped wrong? Or Done Up Too Good?

I've seen this happen. The horse you came to look at just happens to have gotten it's mane shaved off by "by mistake" and another one (the one the seller really wants to sell because he already sold the other one and is afraid to tell you) is all cute and has a wonderful show clip. Hmmm, is it really that easy to get fooled?

Which papers? Where?

The breeder can feign ignorance when it comes to the Spanish papers. Don't buy into it. See the papers. Touch them. Make sure they are real. Get proof of parentage.

Of course its a PURE Andalusian.

Did they say "pure"? Yes, they said pure. See my other articles.

I'm confused now.

Which horse am I seeing? Another tactic of Andalusian Persuasion. So many horses are run past you or showed to you in the pasture that you can't keep any of them straight. Here's one, two, three. They all look alike. And, oh look, here's a few more. And a few more. Don't forget these. Still more. Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, that one's from there, this one is from here... The point is, the breeder is trying to confuse you on purpose so they have the advantage.

Bad bad breeder. But can you blame them? They want to sell, they need to sell. If you knew all their secrets like which was their best mare and which was their best stallion, that would be the one you would want to buy!!! Yes oh yes. Its a terrible truth. Most breeders rarely sell their best stock. Others, yes they do (like me) its all I have to sell since I'm not keeping any!

But don't get discouraged, if you get a nice filly, you can pick out a really nice stud for her and raise your own soon! Welcome to the game of breeding Andalusians.

By the way. I consider myself a fair and honest person. If you come out to look at my horses or my referral horses, I will not play games with you. That's my promise. A good breeder wants their horses to go to good homes where they are wanted and cherished and where their owners are satisfied with their purchase.

There is a right horse for every person.

I don't believe that it's okay to send "kicking Nellie" down the road to Mexico or "frightened Bellie" to that crazy dressage rider from New York. Why is a breeder producing such horses in the first place I wonder? Or how did their horses get that way is a more correct question? And how could you live with yourself by selling your "culls" to the first unlucky bloke or sucker while convincing them they just bought the Queen of England's favorite pick?

I suppose for some people its all about the money and their ego. For me, I just love the horses.

So, good luck and sincere best wishes in finding a fair and honest breeder and the right horse for YOU.

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