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Importance of Imprinting

When you show up to evaluate the young horse offered for sale, there are many things in the environment that will help you tell something about the mentality of the horse just as you would with an older horse. For example, when shopping for a grown horse you should evaluate the stall or paddock he is kept in. Are there signs of weaving? Wind-sucking? Wood chewing? Does the horse appear aggressive towards other horses or does he have bite scars all over his body from being picked on?

For the foal, you can evaluate many of his social attributes by looking at the parents.

The way the dam behaves in relation to her pasture-mates will tell you what her social status is. If she’s high up on the list, its likely her foal will be also. If she’s “low man on the totem pole” her foal is likely to be submissive.

A young horse shouldn’t have developed any behaviors of weaving or wind sucking if he’s kept outdoors with plenty of company. However, if he’s been raised in a stall there is a possibility his mentality has been affected.

So, buy from a breeder who offers their horses plenty of time outside all year round every day.

Fact: Buying an imprinted foal will save you time and money in the long-term!

If you’re looking for a family horse or a lifelong companion, it should be important to you that the foal was properly imprinted. This early handling teaches the foal not to be afraid of humans and to accept them into his herd. Imprinting allows the foal to learn to accept new experiences when he is most receptive to learning. Later lessons in life will come much easier – you’ll have to spend less time training and you’ll have more time to enjoy your young horse.

Your Buying Choice Will Be Easier if You Look at Imprinted Foals.

An imprinted foal will allow you the chance to get to know him. You’ll be able to closely inspect the foal, pet and brush him, halter on him, and lead him around. This is the only way you’ll get a feel for the personality of the horse and maybe make that special connection that tells you “this is the one for me.”


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