Articles on Buying and Selling Horses

This section includes how to buy Andalusians horses, where the market is, who to buy Andalusian horses from, what to watch out to select and purchase an Andalusian weanling. True horse buying stories.

The most extensive collection of articles on how to buy an Andalusian horse and what to watch out for can only be found here. We have worked for several large breeders as a sales agent and are willing to tell you how it is!

Editor's Note: Some of the articles here were written prior to the economic problems in the U.S. and Spain - I'm working to update the articles with current pricing and marketing strategies.

Andalusian Horse Standards

Buying and Selling Horses in General

Useful Information about Buying Andalusians

The Andalusian Horse Market Place

Andalusian Mare Nobleza D

Skyhorse Ranch - Andalusian horse breeder in Texas with Andalusian horses for sale. Breeders of PRE Pura Raza Espanola horses with cartas from Spain. Selling black, grey, and bay Andalusians. Recommend Andalusian stallions at stud. Pictures, history, facts, and info. Spanish Andalusian horse farm. Bloodlines from Spain in the USA.

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