Andalusian Horse Buyer's Basic Guide

picture of andalusian stallion

Selecting Your Andalusian Horse

By reading this article, I'm going to assume that you have already decided upon the purchase of some type of Andalusian horse. Now you must decide which type of Andalusian horse (Pure Spanish, Pure Spanish/Portuguese, Pure Portuguese, a crossbred, a Revised/Inscribed Pure Spanish Horse, bred domestically or imported from abroad).

Oh no? I have to decide what?

Yes, there are different kinds of Andalusians. Some look the same, others look different, and they all have different Spanish, English, and Portuguese names.

As far as which type of Andalusian or Lusitano (Portuguese) horse - you will have to go with your guts and desire. There are as many theories as to which one is the best, why the crosses are good, as there are horses.

Finances Needed to Purchase an Andalusian Horse

Its entirely possible that finances will determine what type of horse you get. (You knew that, right?)

The imported horses and their lines tend to be more expensive, while some of the Spanish/Portuguese horses tend to cost less. Of course, the crossbreds are an economic trade-off. You get some of the benefits of the Andalusian blood without the expense - but rarely do you get the same look.

Limiting Factors When Purchasing an Andalusian Horse

Well, let's look at some of the limiting factors in your Andalusian horse purchase:

Andalusian Horse Numbers: The number of Andalusians in the USA is in the thousands; the Lusitanos are in the 100's. In Spain there are tens of thousands. Lusitanos are quite numerous in Brazil. Obviously because of the "rarity" of the horse, it is a seller's market most of the time and prices can be set high. Because of the low numbers, you will likely have to travel...

Andalusian Horse Prices: The price is likely to be a very strong limiting factor unless you are willing to purchase a weanling, and even then, you are looking at 6 to 8K to start.

Travel to See Andalusian Horses: Because of the low numbers of horses, its quite likely you will need to travel to see your potential candidate(s) in person. This will involve airfare, hotel, rental car, etc.

Vet checks for Andalusian Horses: A vet check on a weanling or yearling is pretty basic. However, as you get into the older horses you could need full x-rays, multiple exams, and you could experience a number of horses that "fail" the vet check at the standards you have set.

The Andalusian Horse World: If you are a newcomer to the breed, you are going to be quite ignorant of what's been going on in the breed for the last 10 years in the USA. There are certain trends and political arguments that are ongoing. There is alot of status given to horses winning National Championships even when only a few horses compete - and you won't know who is who.

Andalusian Horse Language: Since the Andalusian comes from Spain (and the Lusitano from Portugal) there is alot of information available if you speak Spanish. If not, then some of it will remain a mystery to you unless you can find a translator.

Now, the good news.

Andalusian Horse Possibilities

There are plenty of good Andalusians to choose from. And you can get almost any color, age, bloodline, or ability . . .

Andalusian Horse Color: It's now possible to get an "Andalusian" in almost any color. Greys, bays, and blacks have been the standards for Pure Spanish Horses but now chestnut is acceptable. The Lusitanos come in palominos and buckskins and you can even find a rare "sabino" or paint coloring now and then. However, the rarer colors (like bay, black, buckskin) will cost you more $$.

Andalusian Horse Age: You can buy an Andalusian of any age - some even before they are born. There are occasionally stallions retired from performances and mares that have had babies all their lives. However, a horse in its prime will cost you more $$.

Andalusian Horse Bloodlines: With the increase in the number of imports in the last few years, you can now get representatives of many of the major Spanish breeders. You can also attempt to purchase your horse overseas. However, the best bloodlines will cost you more $$.

Andalusian Horse Temperament: They come in all kinds. From the hot, show horse type to the mellow trail horse type. Fortunately, most Andalusians are kind and noble - so good temperament should be a part of the overall package.

Andalusian Horse Ability: Ability within the breed is varied. From the extreme paddler to the straight moving dressage horse - they are all out there. The better dressage-moving horses will cost you more $$. As will the better horses overall!!! (duh)

Set your Goals for Buying an Andalusian Horse

So, lets get started in selecting your horse. First, as with any purchase of any horse breed, you will follow some basic guidelines. Establish what is the priority in your mind (it helps to also write it down) for your horse.

Are you wanting to breed? for how long? for how much profit? how many? Do you want to stand your own stallion? Use AI? Live cover? Do you want a trained horse? Do you have a trainer available to help? Can you raise a weanling? (most people can, its not as hard as it sounds). Do you have children? will they be riding? Do you want to show? in what disciplines?

How big do you want your horse? Color? Sex preference?

The better you know what you want, the more successful you will be at your purchase.

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