Why Andalusian Horses are Expensive

Why ARE They So Expensive?

picture of andalusian horseLooking for a dressage AND Andalusian horse in the same package? The trend to sell towards dressage riders is one reason for their price. That and how rare a good Andalusian is...

Beyond price and type, now what do you do? There is very little information out there for the person just getting into Andalusian horses. You can read about his history, his attributes, his wonderful temperament...but no one seems willing to tell you how to buy one!

Until you call them. Try it. Most (not all) Andalusian breeders are enthusiastic about their horses and are willing to help you.

They're also trying to sell you a horse (duh!) and get you hooked!

Must you buy an Andalusian in the US?

I heard they were cheaper in Spain. Miriam says at her website, "Buying horses is a chancy affair even on home ground and therefore purchasing a horse in Spain could prove to be an adventure".

Its true. Buying horses in the USA is difficult enough, imagine going to Spain with the language and culture barrier and trying your luck. If that's what you want to do, then find some help.

Have you ever wondered if you get what you pay for?

Miriam says "the price of a horse often also depends on who is selling and who is buying." In many cases, you get what you pay for. But there's always that seller who is on the lookout for the novice with a big pocketbook. I hope its not you.

Do your research. For, "even if you are quite happy with a traditional specimen, with loads of mane and tail, preferably a grey coat and elevated gaits, it would still be advisable to obtain information on the breed, its characteristics and its qualities, before actually deciding on your purchase" says Miriam.

Why are some Andalusian horses more expensive that others?

picture of andalusian horse"Any horse that has been approved for breeding purposes (Apto como Reproductor) by the official Grading Committee, will be more valuable than a horse that has not been graded yet let alone one that has been rejected by the "Comisión de Valoración", " Miriam says of the Pure Spanish Horse.

Also, because it is rare to find an Andalusian with the movement for Grand Prix competition, "if an animal shows adequate movement for competition dressage, its price will flare up." You bet ya!

Regarding large lots of "Andalusians" being exported abroad to countries like Germany, France, and Holland, "the true image of the PureBred Spanish Horse, which has been launched abroad under the trade name ""Andalusian"", or the well bred Iberian type horse has been distorted by the export of inferior quality animals."\

And buyers go abroad expecting to see cheap prices like those of the cheap horses they've seen advertised. You might not see cheaper prices once you get there. Plus, you've got to add on importation costs. We've not seen that many large loads of cheap horses coming into the USA from Spain, but it did happen once through Mexico.

Now that you've started looking at Andalusian horses, are you surprised by the different looks?

picture of andalusian horse

Miriam says, "Andalusian" horse fans, are so much used to seeing a different type of conformation of this breed, that they do not actually appreciate the traditionally correct looks of the antique Spanish Horse." Its true.  

The Spanish horse as it is in Spain can look very different from a domestically bred horse.

As for the fully trained horse, "Neither owners nor riders will be easily tempted to part with these animals, which will give a lot of prestige," says Miriam.

You thought the trained horses were expensive? The young ones can also cost as much as a car or down payment on a house.

Many people wonder why young horses can be so expensive. A lot can be explained by basic breeding practices. Breeders put a tremendous amount of time, hard work, and cash into each foal they are responsible for. It is unrealistic for someone shopping for a good quality young horse (with excellent bloodlines and conformation) to expect to find a weanling that costs $1000. Six times that amount just barely covers basic expenses.

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