Spanish Horse Definitions

Andalusian Mare Nobleza D

Pure Spanish Horse - (Pura Raza Española [P.R.E.]). The horse is from pure Spanish stock, has parents in the Spanish Stud book, and has been approved as a quality breeding horse by Spain. "S" stands for Spanish.

Spanish Horse - (Caballo Español). The horse is from pure Spanish stock, but may not be a breeding animal (P.R.E). Some people in the U.S. call Peruvian Pasos and Paso Finos "Spanish type horses" because there is some Andalusian or other Spanish breeding in their background.

Andalusian (Andalúz) - A term used by English speaking countries such as the U.S. The horse got this name because many Spanish horses are bred in the southern province of Andalucía. However, most Spaniards do not call the horse by this name. Andalusian is a catch-all term and in the U.S., the horse can be PRE, not PRE, pure Spanish (S), or Spanish/Portuguese (S/P). Check the papers. The International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association is the registry for horses in the U.S.

Portuguese Horse, Lusitano - (Caballo Portuguesa/Lusitano). The horse derives from Portugal. A Portuguese horse in the U.S. has a "P" on it’s papers. An "S/P" is a horse that is part Portuguese and part Spanish. A horse with any Portuguese in its background cannot be registered in the Spanish stud book.

Spanish-Portuguese (S/P), now formally "Pure Spanish Portuguese" (PSP) in the U.S. only - a cross between a Spanish horse and a Portuguese horse - not recognized as a breed in Spain.

Iberian Horse - Name for horses that originated on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).

Spanish Horse Terms

Acoso - Pursuing young cattle on horseback and throwing them over in a marked area, with the aid of a goad. This enables the breeders of fighting bulls to test the bravery of their animals.

Cobra - Team of three or more mares, linked either from halter to halter, or from collar to collar. They are led by a footman from one side. Uniformity in color, conformation, and presentation are highly valued features.

Convexo "convex" - Profile of the horse's head that is rounded outwards, as opposed to the "dished" profile of an Arabian horse.

Doma Clásica - Dressage - The art of training horses to perform varied movements and gaits at the request of the rider with the greatest possible harmony, balance, and union, and with obedience and keen interest from the horse. The main difference with dressage and the Spanish high school (alta escuela) is that in traditional dressage, the high elevated movements (airs above the ground) are not performed.

Doma Vaquera - A dressage discipline based on movements needed to handle livestock and more specifically the fighting bull. The principal movements that differ from other dressage disciplines are sudden halts, sudden start, and fast double or triple gallop pirouettes (spins).Andalusian colt


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