Commit to Sell

Know your market … know your competition

I recently saw an advertisement for an Andalusian horse born in 2006 that was still for sale (by his original breeder) in 2012. He has been for sale ever since he was a yearling. That means you, as a consumer, have had six years to purchase him and you have chosen not to do so – for whatever reason.

In 2007 he was advertised for sale as a yearling and was expected to reach 15.2 hands. No price was given.

Two years later, in 2009, he was still for sale. Now, as a 3-year-old, he had a “special price” of $10,000 if he was gelded by the buyer. 

In 2010, when he turned four, he was “ready to start”, had been gelded, and his price of $10,000 was good for a certain period of time (hurry or the price will go up).

In 2011, as a 5-year old, he was advertised with a “reduced price” and needed to be sold soon. Later that fall, as a coming 6-year-old, he was finally started under saddle.

This year in 2012, the owner “MUST sell”. His price has dropped $2,000 and he has spent a year with a trainer.

Will this horse sell? Will the owner make any profit? The horse has been fed for 6 years and training fees have been paid for a year. It makes you wonder … What is the fair market value for an Andalusian gelding of six years of age? Should the seller have dropped his price from the very beginning? Who is competing with this horse? Do the horses that ARE selling have an advantage somehow? Or are they just priced lower and/or better looking?

A similar horse, from the same breeder, same age, born the same year … started out for sale for $15,000 and is … don’t hold your breath … still for sale. But now his price is $8,000. He is also a gelding.

My advice … if you have a colt that is born (many are born every year) you should find an acceptable buyer ASAP and offer that colt at a good, competitive price. Or else you will be gelding him and possibly holding onto to him for a while. (In general, fillies are more valuable than colts).

Also, buy the VERY BEST that money can buy when you are investing in your broodmares and stallions so as to have an edge on the competition. And if you decide to sell a horse, COMMIT to selling that horse. Get the very best photos and videos and present the horse to his best. And don’t beg the buyer to buy your horse. SELL.

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