A Variety of Andalusian Horse Breeders

There are many different kinds of breeders of the Andalusian horse. Since most horses that are sold are young, it would seem that most purchases are made between a private buyer and a breeder. There are also individuals which sell their horses, and brokers, and horse dealers. But these are fewer in number.

Typically, the Andalusian breeder consists of backyard breeders, big time breeders, breeders for profit, and niche breeders.

picture of andalusian horse

The right horse for you could be just about anywhere.

Some breeders promote only "Pure Spanish" - they have pure Spanish mares and breed them to pure Spanish stallions. Most likely, all of their offspring get revised or inscribed the Spanish way of quality control. Some of these breeders stand their stallions to outside mares; others reserve their stallions for their mares only.

Some breeders promote both Pure Spanish and Pure Spanish Portuguese. Somewhere along the way they got into the SPs and didn't sell them off. A little Lusitano squeaked his way in. That's okay. These breeders can provide a quality animal at an affordable price and often also sell some Pure Spanish horses.

A few breeders promote breeding their Portuguese (Lusitano) stallions to Andalusian mares, thus increasing the numbers of potential sperm receivers and increasing the numbers of "purebred" Spanish Portuguese horses.

An even fewer breeders only breed pure Lusitanos, or Puro Sangue Lusitano. This breed also has an inspection program.

Some breeders show their stock, others don't.

There are several types of recognized horse shows in the USA. It may be important to learn about them if you are reading or learning about your candidate's show record. Some groups hold shows for Pure Spanish horses with Spanish judges and follow typical Spanish culture. Other types of shows (the IALHA for example) hold shows for all types of Andalusians with emphasis on Arabian looking show horses, Saddleseat classes, and some classes for the traditional Andalusian and pure breeds.

Since there are so few horses actually attending the shows, don't take the results too seriously. But give them credit for showing up. 

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