Andalusian Horse Buyers Survey from Early 2000s.

The "old version" of Andalusian Horse Club had a running survey. This article presents the results of that survey and may be of use to you in planning your Andalusian horse business.

To sum up, most people (who answered the survey) owned 1 to 2 horses, more than half participated in revision (Spanish approval for adult horses) and had PRE horses. Most people had never been to Spain.

The amount of money being spent on an Andalusian horse varied from $5,000 to $30,000. Most people had bought a horse under 3 or 4 years of age.

Owners reported their Andalusian horses were 15.1 to 16.2 hands tall and their preferred height was 15.3 to 16.0 hands. Most people preferred black, grey, "silver white" and fewer preferred bay Andalusians.

An overwhelming majority preferred dressage riding and dressage and best movement as classes to watch at IALHA Andalusian horse shows.

Most people agreed that a PRE revised or inscribable mare was the best investment and that an unrevised PRE horse was the worst investment.

People reported seeing quite a few Andalusian horses (10 to 100) and had visited Andalusian farms.

Here are the official survey results

How many horses do you own?

35.5% responded that they own 1 to 2 horses
29% own 3 to 5
19.4% own 6 to 10
9.7% own 11 or more
6.5% own no horses

Do you participate in revision?

55.6 % said “you betcha”
27.8% said their horses don’t have the papers
5.6% said it was too confusing
5.6% said they didn’t know about it
5.6% said they don’t need Spanish opinions

What type of Andalusian do you own?

50% have revised/inscribed PRE
23.1% have Pure Spanish not revised/incribed
15.4% have SPs
7.7% have a mix
3.8% have Lusitanos

How many times have you been to Spain?

50% have not been but would like to
25% have been once or twice
15% have been 3 or more times
5% live there
5% don’t plan on going

How much did your last Andalusian horse cost?

22.7% said $5,000 to $9,999
22.7% said $10,000 to $14,999
22.7% said over $30,000
9.1% said $20,000 to $30,000
9.1% said free or a gift
4.5% said $4,999 or less

How old was the last Andalusian horse that you bought?

30.4% bought a 3 or 4 yr old
21.7% bought in-utero or before born
21.7% bought a yearling
8.7% bought a two-year old
8.7% bought a 5 yr old or older

How tall is your tallest Andalusian?

35.3% said 16.1 or 16.2 hds
35.3% said 15.1 or 15.2 hds
11.8% said 15.3 hds
11.8% said 16 hds
5.9% said over 16.2 hds

How short is your shortest Andalusian?

28.6% said 14.3 or 15 hds
28.6% said 15.1 hds
28.6% said 15.2 hds
14.3% said 15.3
0% said their shortest horse was under 14.2 or above 16 hds

What is your preferred height for an Andalusian when shopping?

45.5% said 15.3 hds
31.8% said 16 hds
13.6% said 16.1 or 16.2
4.5% said height was not important
0% said over 16.3

Color preferences

28.6% said black
23.8% said grey
23.8% said silver white
9.5% said bay
9.5% said palomino/buckskin
0% said fleabitten grey

What activity do you enjoy most?

61.1% dressage
16.7% trail riding
16.7% training
5.6% grooming and time spent with horse
0% said pleasure riding
0% said jumping/reining/barrels

Favorite class to watch at shows

44.4% best movement
44.4% dressage
11.1% halter
0% show hack
0% saddleseat
0% western pleasure

$60,000 to spend on what breed?

87% said Andalusian
13% said Lusitano
0% all other breeds

What is the best investment?

66.7% revised/revisable PRE mare
28.6% revised/revisable PRE stallion
4.8% PSL Lusitano stallion
0% PSL Lusitano mare
0% PSP mare
0% PSP stallion
0% non-revisable PRE mare or stallion

What is the worst investment?

52.9% unrevised PRE horse
41.2% PSP stallion
5.9% revised PRE mare

How many Andalusians have you ever seen?

44.4% 10 to 100
33.3% over 100
5.6% none
5.6% thousands

How many Andalusian horse breeding farms have you visited?

40% just a handful
25% all the ones in my area plus a few more
20% plenty
10% none
5% so many I can’t count

How old were you when you got your first horse?

33.3% high school
22.2% grade school
16.7% toddler
11.1% 40s
5.6% 30s
5.6% 20s
5.6% still waiting

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