Stallion Auctions - Are They Worth It?

Each winter/early spring, horse associations come out their “stallion auctions” for people to bid on stud fees. How does this work? Is it really worth it to spend time looking at their auctions?

A stallion service auction is usually held by a horse breed association to try and raise $ for their association. The owner of the stallion “donates” a stud fee to the organization and members “bid” to try and win the usually reduced stud fee. When an auction for a particular stallion is successful, the stallion owner will recieve monies from the winning bidder and then forwards those monies to the association (or the winner pays the association directly).

The only catch is that there can be other fees for the winning bidder – including shipping containers, vet collection fees, mare care, etc.

Who is really offering their stallions? Is it worth it? Every so often a “premiere” stallion will be offered at auction. Such a stallion may already have winning offspring, a show record, and name brand recognition. They may be rare on the market, not usually offered to the public, usually high stud fees. However,sometimes the stallions are young, unknown stallions belonging to backyard breeders. If you’re not careful, you may end up dealing with someone in-experienced in the breed world and your “impulse buy” (usually sight unseen) may lead you down the wrong breeding path. Not only that, you may have trouble getting your mare pregnant! Or you may pay too much in other fees.

What’s the alternative? A good alternative is to prepare a “mare promotional” package, such as a good video and professional photographs, as well as a listing of your mare’s accomplishments – and send it to the stallion owner of your choice. You may have a chance of working out “a deal” with the stallion owner if your mare is of exceptional quality. OR, you may just be able to work something out for a lesser stud fee. It can’t hurt to try!

Don’t forget – I always recommend seeing the stallion in person and meeting the owner via telephone or in person, as well, BEFORE, signing up your mare. You would be amazed what they can do with photo and video-editing these days! Also be sure to evaluate the stallion’s offspring, preferably looking to see what he throws with mares of similar breeding and type as yours.

Who is holding Andalusian stallion service auctions? The International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA), the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (Foundation), and the U.S. PRE group usually hold auctions each year. The Foundation has the most stallions available - just remember they hold their own “inspections” and so a horse listed as approved may be from their association and not Spain. Their marketing efforts appear strong to get this many stallions on their list. The IALHA has both Spanish and Portuguese horses available. The USPRE has a small pool of highly sought-after stallions (many qualified) that are not available elsewhere in auction.

Have YOU ever used a stallion service auction before? If so, what was your experience? I remember hearing about one breeder who sold ONE breeding to her stallion the entire year (via the auction) and was worried about the mare they would be breeding their stallion to … Another person I heard from bid on and won the stallion of their choice and was REALLY happy because they had had a crush on that stallion for awhile and his normal breeding fee was REALLY high.

Here is a listing of some of the stallions available (in 2011) and where their stud fees are being auctioned:

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