Articles about Breeding and Raising Andalusian Horses

Our breeding section is designed for the equestrian interested in producing high quality offspring through specific matching of mares and stallions. Our genetics section (see History Articles) features scientific articles about the origins of Spanish horses, heritability, and genetic markers. We also feature articles specifically tailored toward breeding Andalusian horses. Raising and breeding general horse articles are presented as well.

Andalusian Mare Nobleza D

Skyhorse Ranch - Andalusian horse breeder in Texas with Andalusian horses for sale. Breeders of PRE Pura Raza Espanola horses with cartas from Spain. Selling black, grey, and bay Andalusians. Recommend Andalusian stallions at stud. Pictures, history, facts, and info. Spanish Andalusian horse farm. Bloodlines from Spain in the USA.


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