Articles about Bloodlines of the Spanish Andalusian Horse

Do you know what a "Terry" Andalusian horse is? A "pure Bocado" Andalusian horse? A "military" Andalusian horse? Learn about your Andalusian horse ancestry here. Who is Escalera, Cardenas, Maipe? Learning the Spanish Andalusian lines can be difficult, but the more you read and study, the more familiar you will become with the main breeders of Spain and the historical importance of certain horses.

Our series of Andalusian bloodlines articles covers a variety of Spanish lines. We have performed extensive research on the breeders and horses that appear in our horses' bloodlines. 

Cartujano Horses - The Cartujano horses are a rare line of pure Spanish horses from Spain. They are so cherished that very few are ever allowed to leave the country.
Spanish Horse Breeders in Spain - Learn about the bloodlines of several farms in Spain
American Andalusian Horse Bloodlines

Andalusian Mare Nobleza D

Skyhorse Ranch - Andalusian horse breeder in Texas with Andalusian horses for sale. Breeders of PRE Pura Raza Espanola horses with cartas from Spain. Selling black, grey, and bay Andalusians. Recommend Andalusian stallions at stud. Pictures, history, facts, and info. Spanish Andalusian horse farm. Bloodlines from Spain in the USA.

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