Romero Benitez - PRE Breeder of Spain

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The M. Romero Benitez stud farm originated in the nineteenth century when the State confiscated Church properties. At that time, the Carthusian Monastery breeding operation was divided and sold in three different shares to Calero, Zapata and Corbacho. The Romero family acquired the Calero lot and increased the operation in 1898 with several mares from Zapata and later with mares from "Hierro del Bocado" which was owned by Vicente Romero García.

Later, the stud farm was divided between Rafael and Manuel Romero Benítez. It is the Rafael Romero Benítez operation which is known as "Yeguada Romero Benítez." In 1996, Isabel Gómez Sequeira, representing "Sociedad Agroganadera Las Gordillas S. A.", acquired 47% of the previously mentioned breeding operation, as well as the original, primitive brand. Today, it is known as "Ganadería M. Romero Benítez.

The stud farm has won many awards including Gold Medal Horse at Jerez, Grand Champion at the Jerez Horse Fair twice, and National Mare Champion twice. Other awards include: First place at SICAB '92 (Seville) and EQUISUR '93 (Jerez de la Frontera) in the category of breeders and Grand Champion at SICAB'95. 

Horses from the Benitez studfarm can be found in the stables of many European royalty, as well as in Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Spanish horse farms such as Yeguada Jordi Matas, Yeguada Hermanos Veterano, Yeguada Alfonso Delgado, Yeguada Arrabal, Yeguada Gomez Tapia, Yeguada Alora, Yeguada Las Arenas, La Yeguada Juan Diaz Navarro, La Yeguada Hispandaluz, Yeguada Cubas, and many others in Spain give credit to Romero Benitez for their founding stock.

Some famous Romero Benitiz horses include Invasor III (Olypmic horse) and Brioso VI - grandsire of Indiano XVIII and related to Remate II (sire of Fantasia DD).






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