Rebuscada, Early American Andalusian Horse Import

Rebuscada was one of the first Andalusians imported to the U.S. in the 1960s.  Her bloodlines are mostly Hierro de Bocado. She had 2 Andalusian foals registered in the Spanish studbook. One of her descendents, Ocotobre ITI, became the foundation sire for the Banbury Horses. Lucy Cress of Cresswood Stable, in turn, bases her horses on the Banbury lines. These Andalusian horses for the most part are Pure Spanish and old Bocado lines, but many will be registered only with the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) because the grandparents were never inspected/revised. These lines are typical of the old American Andalusian lines as I call them.

rebuscada andalusian horse

Some of the Banbury Andalusian horses ended up with the same farm where the Spanish champion Adalid, Adalid International. These Andalusian horses will have the suffix "A" after their name. Many of the Adalid horses were bred with Portuguese mares (Lusitanos_ to create Spanish-Portuguese lines. So sometimes the Banbury and Adalid horses signify an S/P which is also an IALHA-only line.

Breeders with Banbury Andalusian Lines include Bridled Passion Farms, Sincerrey Andalusians, Rare Rock Andalusians, Owl's Nest farm, Mystique Andalusians, Blue Fire Moon, Grand Illusion Farms, Arroyo Andalusians, Rothrock Andalusians, Labyrinth Farm, and many other breeders who carry American lines.

Breeders with Cresswood Lines include Andaluz de Arion, Sincerrey Andalusians, and Eddie's Horse Ranch.

Rebuscada shows up in the following Andalusian breeder's bloodlines: Angel Andalusians, Dark Horse Farm - she is fairly obscure unless you follow her Banbury lines. As you can see below, this Andalusian is also inbred - as her sire and dam are half siblings and related top and bottom.

rebuscada pedigree

Rebuscada's Offspring and Descendants

Calasera III was born in 1962 to Marques de Paradas. Her sire was Mejicano XI. She had 1 daughter Copelia by Querencioso (Batalla of Costa Rica). Copelia had one daughter Elegida 9 by Fajin (Batalla) and the bloodline ends there.

Defina III was born in 1963 to Yeguada Salvatierra by Garboso VIII. She had 3 offspring - Afamado ITI, Octobre ITI, and Jahil ITI, all by Capitano XIII (another early import).

Afamado ITI was the sire of Sonadora ITI, Dax Duro 1, Bandolera ITI, and Carinoso ITI.

Octobre ITI became a foundation stallion for the Banbury horses. He sired the following Banbury horses:


Octobre (above).


A typical Banbury Andalusian horse. 

Effectively, because the Banbury Andalusian  horse farm chose not to participate in Spanish revision, this bloodline became a foundation line for "AMERICAN" horses by default. In other words, once the parents have not been revised, their offspring can only be registered by IALHA in the U.S. Many horses were lost to the Spanish studbook because of this tactic.

The "ITI" in the name is representative of American Andalusian  lines that were not revised. An eventual offspring of these horses would be revised and all the parents that had been present in the U.S. were declared dead and given the initial ITI to show that they had not been presented before Spain. In other words, ITI Andalusian horses were "grandfathered in". Usually if a horse has a number like 1 or 14 after it's name, that means it was inscribed but never revised.

Jahill ITI had the following offspring:

Garbosa XLIV out of Floridita 1967 ITI. Garbosa was owned by Checkerboard Farms and she had:

Mercedes 1978 ITI out of Pandora 1970 ITI (no offspring) 

Another Cresswood/Banbury Andalusian descendent shown below:


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