Currier and Ives Andalusian Horses

Pure Bocado or Cartujano horses are among one of the rarest strains of PREs in Spain. These bloodlines are closely guarded. So closely that they were rarely let out of the country.

The famous Currier and Ives family imported four Cartujano horses in the 1960s. This article focuses on those horses: Dadivoso III, Hacendoso V, Indomita, and Inquieta IV.

Dadivoso III was born in 1954. He is not shown as having any offspring in the Spanish studbook. He was bred by Isabel Merello of the Viuda de Terry.

Hacendoso V - there are several Bocado-bred Hacendoso's listed that were born in the 1950s and 1960s. Several of these were by Descarado II and another by Bilbaino III. Hacendoso V is listed as having about 5 offspring in the U.S. including Afortunado B ITI, Desdenosa ITI, Dama Grande ITI, Contessa ITI, and Esterlina Reina ITI. Difficult to trace due to early registration verification problems between Spain and the U.S., I believe some of Hacendoso's offspring may have ended up in Mexico and then come up through the U.S. in a few early lines. Hacendoso V was apparently bred to Inquieta IV to start one of the early American lines.

Indomita - also a Terry bred horse, by Zurito VIII x Nervioso IV has 1 offspring in the books - Dama Grande ITI. I followed Dama Grande's lines and they seem to end up with mares bred to Teodoro and owned by the Goffs in Texas.

Inquieta IV (Zurito VIII x Delatora by Novato). This mare went on to have Contessa (by Hacendoso V) and Contessa was bred to Caballeroso de Nevasco (early American import) to produce Crown S Contessa III. There are all example of "early American" lines. 

The following is a list of probably descendents of the above horses. All horses represent what I consider early American Lines:

Examples of Inquieta IV Descendents:

Inquizzara ITI 

Inquieta SL ITI

Fresca IV

Bandera RL

Amador VII

Tamarak's Fortun

Milagros VI

Desdenosa ITI

Querida XL

Habanera 40

Guapita HA

Portentoso HA 1

Andrew HA 1

Contessa ITI

Contessa A ITI

Centella B ITI

Contessa B ITI

Margarita A ITI

Esterlina Reina ITI

Hacendoso II ITI

Hacendoso XIX


Majori ITI

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