Cartujano Horses Exported from Spain

by Donna DeYoung, Pure Spanish (PRE) Andalusian Horse Breeder

The following list shows Cartujano horses that were allowed to be exported from Spain.


Alegre V 
Jubilosa IV 

*All of the above horses were purchased by D Francisco Leon Arbaleda in 1983. 

Costa Rica 

Cancionero IV, Descarado V, Poseido I, and Holandes II purchased by Mariano Guardia (1953, 1972) 
Bizarro IV purchased by D. Jorge Herrera in 1957 
Legionario V purchased by D. Carlos M Coto in 1972 
Primoroso XI purchased by D. Humberto Ruiz in 1975 
Novata and Llameado purchased by D. Adrian Collado in 1981 and 1984 
Festejado and Ilustrado purchased by Sr. Colombari in 1985 
Belicoso purchased by Ruiz in 1985. 


Limonera III, Recelosa, Morisca IV, Perseguida, Peligrosa, Perdicera, and Insidioso III purchased by Fidel Castro in 1966 

United States 

Davidoso III, Hacendoso V, Indomita, and Inquieta IV by Sr. Currier in 1960 
Luminoso III, Campanero VIII, Famoso III, Orgulloso V, and Nervioso V purchased by Sr. Samuel Broston in 1961 and 1965 
Habanero VII purchased by Sr. Allen Parkinson in 1967 
Unico purchased by Sr. Garmendia in 1981 
Guapo purchased by Mr. Hector Alcalde in 1987 


Justiciero I purchased by Mr. Abelardo Morales in 1970 
Lozano V purchased by Asuntos Exteriores in 1973 
an unknown stallion purchased by Dr. Arturo Paiz in 1973 
Entendido IX and Justiciero III purchased by Humberto Arriaza 


Campanero and Mayodomo I purchased by D. Miguel Aleman Velasxo in 1967 and 1969 
Legionario III, Tarifena VI, Viva, Actriz, Sobervia IV, and Taladora II, purchased by D.E. Alvarez Flores in 1970 

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