Famous Cardenas Horses of Spain

Yeguada Cardenas has received numerous times the title of Best Breeder and innumerable medals of gold, plata, and bronze for his Pure Spanish Horses (PREs).

Vasallo II (Bilbaino III x Adivina) shown below, was champion in the Feria del Campo del Madrid in 1972. He received the highest points in the Libro de Meritos de ANCCE (LIMPRE). Champion of Champions in Jerez in 1978.

andalusian horse picture

Bilbaino III (Novato x Bilbaina) was purchased from the Terry family.

Valido (Bilbaino III x Aborrecida) shown below was champion of the Feria del Campo in 1975 in Madrid, Champion of Spain in 1983.

Jugueton V (Valido x Electra II) shown below was Champion of Champions in Jerez in 1982. Sire of Remate. Luis Bonilla, California breeder, acquired Jugueton V who later ended up in the hands of Javier Herrera.

jugueton v

Electra II (Vasallo II x Aureola [Maluso x Labradora VI]) was a respected broodmare belonging to Cardenas.

Genil (below) was Champion of Spain in 1980. He was sold in 1984 to a Mexican breeder Federico Jimenez Sainz.


Gastador VIII (below) was Champion of Spain in 1985 and Champion in 1991. Sire of Clasico MAC who was champion in 2000 and 2001 and Ungido IV. He has the elevation of Valido and the face and neck of Vasallo II.

photo of Gastador

Ungido IV (below) was Champion of Andalucia three times and Champion of Spain in 1995. He is the brother of Clasico MAC. Ungido IV was sold to Equus Balearic.

andalusian horse picture

Vandal (grandson of Leviton) was first place in dressage in Prix St George at Mijas and Marbella. Also was second place in Cordoba and third place in Jerez.

Ecuador MAC was first place at Nivel 2 in Mijas in 2000.

Clasico MAC (Gastador VIII by Valido x ? by Vasallo II) was champion of Spain in 200 and 2001. 

Mastil (Genil by Poseido III x Electra II by Vasallo II) was a famous Cardenas horse.

Mastil (left) and Tribuno IV (right)

Tribuno IV was sold to Luis de Cardenas of Costa Rica.

Soberbio was the foundation stud. Ilustrado IV (Bocado) x Soberbia II (Escalera). He sired Ilarquia (1945, mother of Olimpia), Illustrativa (1945, mother of Oro), Mallorca (1949), Edenita (1941), Ilirica (1945, mother of Nobleza, grandmother of Tatuaje by Genil), Electra, and Bilbaina.

Two important mares were Karioca (1947) and Iliada. Karioca was the grandmother of Valido, great grandmother of Gastador, and great great grandmother of Clasico MAC and Ungido IV. Iliada (1945) was grandmother of Vasallo II.

Other famous stallions of influence were Habanero IV, Jardinero V, and Poseido III (sire of Genil who was champion of Spain in 1980). Also important were Leviton and Jenson, as well as Jubiloso VIII, who before he was sold was important for the Military crosses.

Usia was Champion in the Feria del Campo de Madrid in 1970.

Universal II was Champion in the Feria del Campo de Madrid in 1972.

Soberbia V was Champion in the Feria del Campo de Madrid in 1975.

Intima II was Champion of Spain in 1981.

Jara was Champion of Spain in 1986.

Alteza X (Jenson x Tarragona by Valido) was Champion of Movements in 1993.

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