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Nobleza rear

Got your video and have watched it probably 6 times already. Remate is so gorgeous. It made me tear up ... The whole video is so well done. It's very dream like! One of these days I'll be back there to pick out my new horse! Or to meet the one you've picked for me!

Your horses are awesome. The most noticable strengths are temperament and movement. I just about cried when I see your horses move. What beauty! I want to buy a baby from you.

Am speechless for once in my life ... can't thank you in any words for the dvd ... music so lovely and perfect. How could anyone see that and not be moved, impressed, something? I can't think of one second I would change in any way and I am just overwhelmed. You really have a talent technically, but more importantly is your understanding of horses and how you put the fades together and all is truly Spielberg'esque. This is something I'll have forever and will never forget all the attention and devotion you've put into it.

As usual--just a gorgeous job--so artistic, so lovely and so well done. You choose just the right footage and arrange it in such a way that it just flows.

I am speechless at your wedding dvd's. I opened and watched right away and cried as if it were my sister. What a tremendous gift you've given your whole family and what a tremendous talent you have. The music is incredible but the warmth and real-ness (is that a word) is what makes it so different from other things you see that are cold and lifeless ... I couldn't have enjoyed it more and if it had been my wedding day, I can't imagine a better way to remember it than as you depicted. I keep thinking that in fact, you should be doing something artistic and creative for a living and forget the science

Donna, Many thanks for the information !!!!!! My computer crashed so I had lossed all I had saved.............Just wanted to say...you have always been there for me if I have had any problems and I want you to know how much I have appreciated this ! You are a very kind and generous lady. ~ Nancy

............I just want to say a BIG THANKYOU....for helping out this little breeder !!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish you lived closer !!!!!!!!!!! The Best of Luck to you with your NEW HOME !!!!!!!!!!!! This must be sooo exciting for you !!..............Many Thanks, Nancy

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you to thank you for the videos. I can't even express how much I appreciate having these videos to watch. You are so kind, and generous! Sincerely, Julia

You probably talk to a lot of people about your horses and this is probably insignificant to you but my mom and I were researching the Andalusian horse about 4-5 years ago and my mom spoke for a couple of hours with you. You helped her make the decision to buy one of these great horses ... I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you and Terri we now own 4 Andalusians and love every minute of it. My mom is actually overcoming her fear of horses and is starting to work with them herself. Thank you!

Donna, it is breeders like you who SHOULD be breeding..! And I bet if the time ever comes when there is not a market for what you produce, you will stop. Thank you for being responsible.

i think it's awesome that you are raising money for emily...and for donating to CureSure. my 5 yr old son has brain cancer...so i understand how important it is to support anything that will make the child happy! good luck getting that saddle! ~ Ann

first off all, what great and beautifull horses you got there. It's verry nice too look at the horses and the video on youtube of the stallion is......i have no words.

Hello, I just wanted to sincerely thank you so much for the mane clip video plus the video of the stallion and projeny etc - it was amazing !!!!! ... Id love to leave very positive feedbck for you, once again many many thanks the DVDs are excellent and arrived very fast ! Kind regards, kerrie

Wanted to thank you for the most informative and candid website out there! Wish I'd found it before buying an Andalusian! ~ Phillip

Wow! Watching the video gave me goosebumps. He is fabulous! I have to pass this on to my horse lists and especially the owners of other Peruvians. I more I get to know you, the more I am glad I know you...what a fantastic lady! ~ Tracy

Wow Donna....I just finished perusing your new website. It is absolutely fabulous...just chock full of information. I think I'll mention it again in my President's message. ~ Tracy

i did recieve the video (Native Costume Arabian Horses) and was a little apprehensive at first because it was a home made video. but it was very interesting and put together very well. ive watched it a few times already and you covered everything. i like it alot. thanks.

I visited your web site and really appreciated all your work. I have been following the Andalusian Breed for some time and one day will be in a position to dip my toe in the water. Regards, David

the video of Lechoso D is totally awesome!!!!! thank you for the entertainment to watch such a fabulous animal!!!

You are such an incredible person and I just wanted to say Thanks, I really appreciate the awesome customer service and the extra movie that you sent. Thanks so much!!!

Hello, I just wanted to sincerely thank you so much for the mane clip video plus the video of the stallion and projeny etc - it was amazing !!!!! For some reason im not having to leave feedback, is that because it was a buy it now or because you are international or something ? Id love to leave very positive feedbck for you, once again many many thanks the DVDs are excellent and arrived very fast ! Kind regards, kerrie

got your tape today--loved it --now I know how the liberty horses are trained--will look into more of your tapes ~ Joan

Hello there. I just finished watching your video on the Spanish Clip...can I just say...thank you for producing that video! I think many will find that video a great resource. And, I see on your website that you are also a writer. I am always looking for great writers...especially those well versed on the Spanish horse. How would you feel about writing an article ... Joni

Brilliant videos - thank you so much as well for the extra one Regards Anne

Hi Donna,

I've been spinning like a top and forgot to let you know that the DVDs arrived in great condition on Sat. I was able to watch the first one before I was totally interrupted. ... the first Garrocha rider on the bay horse ... he was FANTASTIC. The Ferria was great. I was exhausted from Andalusian overload. I've never seen so many great horses in one place. Definitely on my 'bucket list' to attend in person. You know, the list of must see and do before you kick the bucket.

I'll go right over to eBay now and leave good feedback for you. Now to eek out enough uninterrupted time to enjoy the whole set.

Have a Happy and Joyous Holiday and a Prosperous New Year. ~ Vicky

Hi donna its dea just wanted to say thanks the vhs came today. Its great and very helpful as i too dabble in natural as well as starting a foal at the moment.This has been really helpful and your horses are beautiful. regards dea.

I can't believe I have run in to someone else who agrees that a Spanish horse should look SPANISH and an Arabian horse should look ARABIAN!!!

Hi Donna
Your videos arrived and I enjoyed watching some of the first tape. I learned some valuable information, some of which I knew but found it interesting to view another approach. Keep up the good work, hope your video's find it into the professional market as we need something like this out there to help all the would be horse people who tell us they know what they are doing.



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