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How in the world did you get them to stand so well ????SUPER TRAINER !!!!!!!!!!

Awesome picture Donna! A true testament to your training and their temperaments!

I'm impressed you could get them all posed at the same time!

horse herd with donna

You impressed the heck out of me, hardly anybody I've come across has even heard the term "Baroque" ~Karen

I wish I would have seen your site before buying, research on breeders is very difficult, I bought from the then president of the Association and was disappointed ~ annonymous

Thanks so much for your web-site. It is very informative; I wish I had found it before I bought my horse. ~ Jennifer

I just wanted to tell you Leia is magnificent, wow that is a mare ~ Tom

I never thanked you for the set of three Andalusian tapes from Spain. The tape quality was fine and the horses were beautiful. Thank you for offering this set to us Andalusian fans! I especially enjoyed seeing the snippet of Leviton ~ Kristina

I love Blue, she is fabulous! I'd love to see her in person, good luck riding her this year, sounds like she should be a breeze! ~ Tracy

Just wanted to get back to you about the 6 tapes I bought from you!! I love all the Andalusian one and am savoring the Basic Tricks one! It's so interesting. I got chills watching you ride that 5 year old with no reins. That's my dream....to have enough balance, guts, and rapport with my horse to ride my horse like that. Also, I liked watching you mount the young horses and the comments you made. Anyway, I love your tapes and look forward to seeing the last 2 after I digest the Basic Training one. ~ Robyn

I just got a chance to see your website. WOW! you have a very professional website loaded with information. I could spend hours exploring it! ~ Guylene

I have a Lusitano filly ... she is very people loving and hard to replace. Thanks for re-inspiring me as to why I bought her. I loved your photos of the babies and website ~ Nancy

I love the pictures! Your new fillies are just gorgeous. Nobleza D's baby is especially beautiful... I love the fact that she's black (for now). I also looked through your website; you've added alot since I last looked at it ~ Rebecca

Thank you the video (s) came. I saw down immediately, & thoroughly enjoyed them, I think they are precious and some of the most eye opening stuff I ever saw on film ...well you deserve an Oscar for casting & set ~ annonymous

You have a great website. I was searching for info on Doma Vaquero and the movements required for competition; the article was excellent ~ Chris

Thanks for putting my horses on your web site. Now they are famous!! Thanks again. I love your site. ~ Shelley

The first major stallion video I produced and posted on Youtube was for Lechoso D ... It has been viewed over 126,000 times. Here are some comments on Lechoso's YouTube Video..

Magnificent animal! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely breathtaking ... most beautifull horse that i ever seen ...he is like in the movies :)...beautiful :)..i have no words to descibe :) *stunned* i'll buy him...lol..most beautiful breed and horse ever!This, is why we worship the Andalusian horse. perfection in horse flesh. You can't find that in any other breed ... That was one of the most touching videos eve ... wow - gobsmacked he is GORGEOUS. a dream horse and i lpove love love his sound when he whinnys its like music!!! that is my dream horse ... What a Beauty he is!!! sooooo majestic!! a real baroque horse ... Thats what i call a stallion!Propa life into him....Amazing! aww hes magical lol i can just see him in films like lord of the rings lol ... Way to beautiful for words. Such a free spirit! ...That horse is beautiful! Andalusians are perfection in horse flesh. What a beautiful specimen of the breed. Thanks for the video ... stunning is all I can say! he is what dreams are made of ... amazing!!! what a great horse!! OMG!! How much does these foals cost??=O ... beautiful, stunning and a pleasure to watch.. Stunning animals. I've owned horses all my life. It's my dream to one day own an Andalusian, they are so clever as well as beautiful. Thank you!! Stallions, stallions. Absolutely magnificent, and what my dreams are made of. Congratulations on these magnificent stallions. I loved the sire! ... He's incredible. All he's missing is wings ... One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. Thankyou so much for sharing. hugs.

Skyhorse Ranch - Andalusian horse breeder in Texas with Andalusian horses for sale. Breeders of PRE Pura Raza Espanola horses with cartas from Spain. Selling black, grey, and bay Andalusians. Recommend Andalusian stallions at stud. Pictures, history, facts, and info. Spanish Andalusian horse farm. Bloodlines from Spain in the USA.

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