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Himalayan Journey

by Donna DeYoung

I stood on the hill
I walked up the pass
I watched the villagers
I stepped over pebbles and rocks in my way
The dog followed
The stream bubbled
The mist receded
There in the bright sunlight, the burning blue, stood the snows of the Mountain Gods
My breath, I could hear it
Every thought a whisper
Sounds like birds grew quieter
My chest going in and out
My eyes squinted
I felt tears there
For days I had been hiking in the shadows of the Gods
Finally they had appeared to me
So large
So grand
So far away and still inaccessible
Their snows bright and colorless
The hills of the Himalayas rose and became mountains of white stone against the indigo blue
My staring was interrupted
A village woman carrying a load of clothes in a basket passed me by
She stopped at a water faucet to clean the mud from her feet
Red and orange sari
Dark hair and skin
Every day she must pass by this view
Every day the mountains are there for her
I felt a sudden sadness

Note: I traveled with the trekking company "Above the Clouds" to Nepal in 1997.

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