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Horse Poetry

by Donna

galloping horse

Out of Control

Remember the times we traveled together? 
Your hooves beating and tail streaming through 
Stiff green plants with golden tassels as tall as my knees upon your back 
Plodding steadily onward as we weaved between the rows. 
Or the times we raced down long thin roads? 
Thunderous like plunderers 
Seeking to soak up the earth 
With speed and strength. 
You always chomping at the bit, foaming at the mouth, sweating under saddle 
My hands grew so tired of yanking to hold you back 
Until finally I let go, to feel your head soar, to hear your feet fly. 
Edging, edging with each stride 
A little faster, out of control.

horse in the fall

Images of Fall

Through the trees the sun ascends, 
Into the mist it sprinkles light 
And emerges as rays of white 
Against the misty grey. 
Pastel greens and shallow golds 
Flicker on the wind. 
The air smells sharply leafy, the 
Moldy crispness of Fall.

galloping horses mountain

Golden Horse

You should have seen it 
The flat green field stretching farther than my vision to left and right 
The grey trees and blue grey sky beyond 
A single golden horse floating with a rider silently small upon the land 
Stretched out with white-faced cattle grazing beyond 
And my feet upon the hill 
An Indian-faced rock shaping itself into the land 
The edge dropping off where I stand 
And golden light upon a golden horse below 
A wind behind me 
A hawk's cry 
And silence until my boots crunch dirt 
From my descent upon the fragile land

lady petting a horse

Horse Lips

Horse lips 
Firm and grasping 
My apple 
I hear his crunching of the apple 
Deep within

rearing horse

Old Charger

We flew into the setting sun 
Raw gaping clouds above us called 
A distant rider might see us plundering, 
Mote upon the plain, moving oddly silently, 
Followed by echoing drum beats of hooves 
Raining upon dusty grass. 
We rode against an unseen foe, 
Flocks of blackbirds, they arose 
And circled around us, sprinkling, silver wings, 
As if in motion, the world surround. 
Into a jolting pace he fell, 
And upped the hill with one last surge, 
Where I watched until the trees dipped black 
With fiery leaves, upon Old Charger's back.

young girl charcoal drawing

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