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In the mid 90's I worked for Alpha & Omega Services, Inc. the only privately owned mounted patrol company in the United States. This was my second mounted patrol experience (my first being with Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee in 1989). My primary responsibilities for Alpha & Omega were to patrol the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas on the weekends aboard my trusty palomino mare "Lacy". I also attended the grand opening of the Sugarland Mall in Houston, Texas and patrolled for the Dallas Opera at Fair Park in downtown Dallas (photo to left).

In order to be hired as a trooper I had to pass a rigorous test of horsemanship and later attended a 48 hour certification academy. At the academy we were up by 6am and in the saddle by 7. The day was spent on horseback or in classes. The instruction included rigid field and written tests. Sessions were conducted by certified mounted police instructors including one "New York Mounted Police" sergeant who referred to me as "blondie".

Lacy and I passed with flying colors and we only had one slight mishap when several horses in front of us spooked from the firecrackers thrown in our direction. Lacy ducked out of the way, afraid the horses were coming at her, but I managed to stay in the saddle due to the fact that it was Australian (built for you to stay in, not fall out of).

Photo below shows the graduating students at the mounted patrol academy in Houston, Texas. I'm the fourth rider from the right.

The highlight of the course had to be meeting Colin Dangaard, president of the Australian Stock Saddle Company, who gave us a lesson in saddle fitting and personally checked the fit of my saddle on Lacy. In fact, I found out the reason my saddle was slipping was because I didn't know the proper "Aussie" mounting style which Colin was happy to show me!

For anyone aspiring to be a mounted patrol rider, expect long hours in the saddle under all types of extreme weather. During one of the special functions that my horse and I attended, we set a personal record by remaining attached (via the saddle and bridle) for 13 hours - I only got off the horse twice for a quick 15 minute break. In the end I figured we'd spent 60 hours together in one week! Talk about getting friendly with your horse...

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