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Andalusian and Horse Art

horse painting Andalusian stallion

This drawing illustration of an Andalusian horse in charcoal and chalk was used by the Southwest Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Club (SWALHC) for their publication materials.

horse painting

This rider wearing a mask arises from the earth in primal form. Her horse's spots say "Pulling from the Center of the Earth". Look for running horses and horse heads within the artwork.

horse painting

This charcoal drawing shows the height and size of a Belgian draft horse. Drawn during my days driving horse carriages in downtown Dallas on the pavement.

horse painting

This horse rises from the steamy water and is titled "Hell Water". I used to teach horses to swim in the waters of Lake Lewisville, north of Dallas, Texas. Lake Lewisville has the reputation for being one of the deadliest lakes in Texas. It is quite a feeling to swim in deep water and have the horse rear up reaching for ground beneath its hooves.

horse painting

Horses are unpredictable and are at the same time creatures of great beauty and of terror. In this photo, a young girl places a gentle hand on the neck of an untamed horse.

horse painting Medieval Andalusian horse

This painting, shown here in close-up detail, depicted an Andalusian stallion in Medieval garb. The watercolor painting was sold at auction on Ebay.

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