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Where We Are: Our Andalusian horse farm is located in Gainesville, Texas approximately 20 minutes north of Denton and 10 minutes south of Gainesville and the Oklahoma border. We are conveniently located close to Interstate I-35 and about an hour drive from the DFW International Airport.  The farm is made up of two wonderful breeds the purebred Andalusian horse (pure Spanish horse of Spain), and the purebred Arabian horse.

Livestock and dogs: We’ve also had other breeds over the years including quarter horses, Palomino, Tennessee Walking horse, Peruvian Paso, and American Saddlebred (see Qualifications) but right now I'm only breeding PREs. I also have several German Shepherd dogs trained in the sport of schutzhund (IPO), a pet dog named Ivan, and two cockatiels.

Wildlife: The farm is a recognized wildlife sanctuary and there is plenty of bird watching. I enjoy working in my gardens that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Amenities: We have a large workshop and run-in barn, a covered shelter, stock pond, and cross-fenced pastures.  Our Andalusian mares and riding horses spend their days grazing in open fields beside our stock pond or lounging in the shade of our big red barn. Care for each Andalusian horse is provided on a twice daily basis by myself, the owner and all pastures are easily viewable from our house that is located on the property.


Trails and Training Areas: We can ride out from our farm onto adjacent cattle pastures or gravel roads. The pastures provide ample room for dog tracking and training. We not far from local bridle paths at the Lake Ray Roberts State Park and a short distance from the north side of Lake Ray Roberts where there are hiking trails, swimming, and camping.

Visitors: We welcome visitors that want to see our Andalusian horses on an appointment basis. Currently we only have Andalusian mares and foals (when still nursing) as most of our youngstock is purchased and shipped by the time they are 6 months old. The Andalusian stallions we use are either located locally or out-of-state. I have one riding horse and another in training. But they are only suitable for advanced riders.

If you're coming to look at Andalusian horses, Dallas, Texas is a fun place to visit! Warm weather year-round ensures good pasture for Andalusian horses.  Denton and Aubrey, Texas "Horse Capital of the World" are located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

FAQ: This is small private breeding farm.  I'm not available for training outside horses and do not give lessons. Boarding is not available and we do not have a need for working students from abroad.

Andalusian horse farm

Why Our Andalusians Are Different

All of our producing Andalusian mares (and any stallions we use) are approved by Spain as breeding stock (PRE – Pura Raza Espanola – purebred Spanish). To be considered a “true PRE” of Spain, there is a special registration process you must go through. This process (handled by ANCCE of Spain and coordinated by USPRE in the U.S.) requires that both parents of the horse are already registered in Spain, Andalusian foals must be DNA-d, microchipped, and “written into the books” (inscriptions), and adult Andalusian horses must be physically inspected by a representative from Spain (revision) prior to being considered for breeding.

Due to the expense and logistics of this process, as well as political reasons, not all Andalusian horses in the U.S. have these Spanish papers. Some do not even qualify to recieve them. As heritage breeders, we feel its important that our Andalusian mares and stallions are registered with Spain. As a result, the Andalusian foals we produce are eligible for registration in Spain, as well as in the U.S.

Alternative registrations (all U.S-based) include IALHA (registers purebreds, half-breds and Spanish-Portuguese crosses), PRE-Mundial (conducts inspections and uses similar terminology), and Association of the Foundation Andalusian Horse (broke-off from IALHA, registrations similar to IALHA). If you have any questions about the type of Andalusians available, please feel free to send us an email or call Donna at 214-282-9131.

Our Breeding Goals

Cobra of Andalusian horsesOur goal as a breeder of the pure Spanish horse (the Andalusian)  is to produce "cream of the crop" large healthy foals with plenty of good looks and movement. To ensure that each foal gets a "head start" in the womb, our Andalusian broodmares get year round individual attention and a well-balanced ration with the right amount of protein.

All of our Andalusian foals are imprinted and handled the day they are born. Early education includes halter training, leading, trailer training and little adventures on local nature trails.

We're horse lovers and equestrian experts . . and it shows. I ride regularly on the trails and in the past have participated in many open show and Andalusian breed show competitions. I designed this website so that I could share my knowledge with everyone.

Articles about Me and Horses

Donna with Andalusian stallion

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